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How can we share passages from a book we both have on our kindles?  I can't quite yet see how to do it ... though it seems like something that we should be able to do.

yes you can do it ... here is an example.

and here is another one telling how ...
source: good reads
“Once you have set up the sharing feature, from within a book you can select Share from the secondary toolbar and enter a message and share it with your social network. To access the sharing feature when you select text, press and hold on text, then drag your finger across the screen to select it. If you select a sentence or multiple words, a dialog box will appear with an option to Share. If you select a single word, a definition of the word displays and options include Search and More. Tap the More button to share the selected text.”


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seth 2015-06-25 09:49:35 18466
... 2015-06-25 08:42:12 18466
T & I share, but we have the same Kindle account & two different Kindles. Look up sharing Kindle on Amazon & some of the clues that are there may help (or not).

well i was looking for a way to share bookmarks or passages in a book specifically with you.  Not the whole book or just the fact that i got it on my kindle.  
Yeah, no automatic links. You can bookmark any text & then go to "my notes" & it will tell you the location.  You can then tell me the location & I can look it up if I want to. Does any other e-reader do that?

Seth says
Well i would prefer a way to comment on specific texts without having to manually transcribe it from the devise to the internet ... but i suppose a bookmarked place will have to do if that is as direct and specific as we can get.

Seth says
apparently you can share specific quotes re katya fp post

Seth says
... 2015-07-17 07:57:56 18466
Some of her stuff also gets: (foth on firefox & chrome)  .... must be best practices problems.

or more likely your SecureAnywhere is just fucked

There is nothing that is unsafe about her blog.

Seth says
... 2015-07-17 08:46:53 18466
seth 2015-07-17 08:25:13 18466
... 2015-07-17 08:19:27 18466
Yep - blame the messange fucker! Nate wrote & fixed his. Good Luck!

i did not hear that he fixed his.  i heard that he thought it was because of his small traffic.  but maybe he went to their site and registered it.  i don't know.   but to make a filter that you have to go register your site or it gets blocked is fucked ... as is your judgemnt of my judgement of SecureAnywhere.  My point is that you seem to be allowing this filter to block sites from your view ... i would not do that.   if pathology is found at a site, then ok warning against that is a good idea ... but this filter is yielding way too many false positives ... it is fucked. 
Yeah, that is why I buy virus protection.  Got bit too many times. It is a real pain in the ass to take my machine in to Chico to get it cleaned & lose stuff even with backups. Have had this for long time. It doesn't go off very often. If web-developers don't want to register or do what seems prudent for their viewers that's their problem. I will boogie elsewhere.

fine your choice .    

me, i would hate to be warned away from the two sites that your filter went off on, because i know for a fact that the warning was in error.  

incidentally Google filters pathology too ... great warning ... i have seen it several times ... it is a good filter. 

We all have our filters that we rely upon.  You like yours ... fine .... i like mine ... also fine.   Note, however we can compare the filters by looking at actual instances or what they filter.  That is the way inevitably that they will get  improved ... yours or mine ... no big importance there.

Seth says
most books do not number their paragraphs like PC, nor is reference to a paragraph necessarily a precise direct pointer.  so for my purposes these direct text quotes are to be preferred.  also this allows the author of the comment to introduce the exact quote into the awareness of a reader, rather than relying on their willingness to click away from a page. 

Example ...
source: my quote of Harper Lees writing in her book

“Aunty,” she said, cordially, “why don’t you go pee in your hat?”
Harper Lee, Go Set a Watchman
... me, i do so love directness ... the less direct the more ambiguous ... it more vague the less consciousness is focused. 

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