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lots to say about this ..... but perhaps lots not to say about it.

I nver seen such larg pitchers of fresh Mapel syrup ... i had to ask if that was what it was.  You spoon on the berries at the "breakfast bar".  For my taste there should have been more eggs soaked into the French toast.  

The store had animals like chicens and goats to sell ... but i wanted earth worms ... not any help with that.  These two establishments, the store and the restraunt, are in the University Distric of Seattle ... an interesting contrast to the rest of the neighborhood. 


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I made something like that in my own kitchen on Harvest Bread Co's Dakota bread soaked in organic eggs with fresh peaches & strawberries from the farmer's market & organic maple syrup from Costco.  Yum!
Maybe try a bait shop for worms?

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