battle of fort pillow

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the lights that appear on the right side of the drawing are not actually in the drawing.  they are reflection off the plastic that protects it.


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As Shredded Millions in PJ2 used to say
Crank it UP!

Seth says
... 2015-06-28 10:43:05 18480
seth 2015-06-28 10:09:55 18480
... 2015-06-28 09:07:50 18480
The North ending slavery by killing the slaves.

What do you mean by associating such a contra-factual description to the massacre at fort pillow?
It looks to me like they were in confederate territory with black troops & got defeated.Their x-slaves got killed.  Anyway the (un-Civil War) was never really interesting to me until my econ 101 class in college where they explained the basis in economics rather than the slave issue. Some say that were those today making all the noise (liberals mostly) actually living in the South in the 1860s they would have been fighting on the confederate side. Notice wikipedia has the confederate flag as:
not the stars & bars. Delete at will, I don't give a shit!

Which just goes to prove that anybody can make whatever representations about anything ... even ones which contradict facts.  Which of course goes even without saying

My deeper inquiry was more about why you made that peculiar contra-factual representation  ... how did it make you feel? ... what effect did you intend it to have on me?
But that you will not answer my inquiry also goes quite without saying .

Now quite enough has already been said here ... perhaps even you will agree with that.

Seth says
incidentally i know people expect appearances to be about their current context ... but frequently they are not connect by others like that at all.  this item is in the context of seth and denise's collection of black American history ... see other items in that context here black collectables.   there will be several more coming soon  as we recently acquired more blackville twins

Seth says

more context of the event in this video.

Seth says
... 2015-06-28 07:20:48 18480

a strange event cherry picked by a biased observer.  however many many peacful forging events could be found.  men will, after all, choose the points making up the pattern they will use to rationalize their actions.   Notice the events chosen by this man to justify his
moved to where it is appropriate!

cute move

In this case external events AND my consciousness conspired to cause a posting event.  First the dealer brought the clipping from the Harper's Weelky to the show, and second i happened to notice it as i walked by.  I would have picked it for myself regardless of other current event because we had already an agenda to colledt as many of these black oriented drawings as possible ... that and i was able to make an excellent deal  for it and drawings from the first edition of Uncle Tom's Cabin (to be posted later). Of course that is my story of past events.  Which story is a mere shadow of what actually happened. 

But now the beat and the story goes on ... these events have acted upon Mark's consciousness.  Apparetly it has provoked him to post a contra-factual description of the actual historical event represented here.  How far will the ripples started in 1864 extend?

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