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Seth says
M 2015-07-23 10:48:36 18597
seth 2015-07-23 10:34:49 18597
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Yeah, sounds like a munge of structure.

There are all kinds of structure.  Structure for danger and structure for support and structure for creation.  These are all very particular organizations.  Using the word "structure" to refer to them all is the "mung" rather than appreciating that unique structure applies to unique organization.

So, what do you mean by what you said?

... or were you just saying it?

Simply put, you generalized & abstraced the idea & concept so MUCH that the subject is free of interest.

apparently #justsaying again.     Now  I said that to say that you constantly accuse me of "generalized & abstracted and mung".   You also seem to do that along with not demonstrating any comprehension of the subtleties of my distinctions.  So, yep, always appears to me as a #justsaying projected for your own amusement ... especially since you ususally laugh about it.  OMG, am i reading your mind? ... or rather tracking your signs.

Seth says
i think there are various kinds and sizes and purposes of organizations, and there is not a single control structure that fits them all.  I remember P2 where the structure was, almost by necessity a holacracy .... and i remember times where the will of the group just fell down and virtually dissipated.  People seem to want that things will get done without them personally getting involved ... but it doesn't just happen that way. Hierarchical authoritative control fails for some purposes too ... and its structures outlive their usefulness.   So i still  believe in organic synchronicity or swarm or organic flow or the wisdom of the crowd where it can actually happen.  But i just don't know how to always make it happen.

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