Infinitely Loopy

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  A - If you argue, misinterpret & question what I say how are you not going to argue & question & misinterpret what I say if I tell you why I say it.  That is just infitely loopy. Go back to A.



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Si says

Seth says
well if you tell me more about why you said it, i might better understand what you said … no loop necessary.

Si says
… speaking of, perfect timing! (and you are welcome to hide this and I will delete it as #OOB. ) 

… but it has been a great run guys! All this hiding and private viewing has ferreted out a bunch of improvements, including the finding and solving of an “infinite loop” when going to private from chat stalking!


Mark de LA says
Great neph – great timing too. I was looking for the infinite loop of infinite loops & saw this pass bye & was going to repost it. But this gives me a chance to express something.
I notice now there are 8 new items & 52 new comments & by the time i read & respond to maybe one or two the rest are irrelevant & easily flushed.  #GreatJobGuys

Seth says

Seth says
i am working on a technique to catch up … it involves “marking all read” frequently … and focusing on a fast moving wave … some of it quite otherness to me … and knowing that i need not respond to everything.  so i don’t usually #MissOut on anything that that does not come back around anyway.

Si says
Yep. I tend to read things in batch and “mark read” quite often … basic parallel processing. I almost never try and go though things one by one and check them off the list … would take forever! I simply read down a whole thought of comments at once and am done with those.

If you have an idea about how to make that even snazzier for the news, I am all vagina!   

Si says

Si says
#lol, that’s what she said!

Seth says

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