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Re dialogue with nathan about collective consciousness (private email).


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Seth says
source: me

i suppose one can see any malady in society somwhere in some quadrant.

We can take any independent/orthogonal polarities and read off what is in the quadrants.

The polarity of doing/done-to is perhaps one that has not been objectively examined in new age thinking. If you think about it, it is cause/effect. New aged thinking says, be the cause in your life .... which is fine and great and all ... but can everybody always be the cause in their life? I doubt that the system works that way. Everyone is cause and everyone is effect ... everyone does and everyone is done to. Always having it all one way is to ignore the Tao.


Seth says
Contemplate ... is this another example of sharing ... of "being done to" ?

Seth says
seth 2015-08-17 10:18:28 18601
i wonder what the anti-meme for this one is ...

this video was published with the meme

Seth says

sketching my response ...

a sniper's effect, undeniable

sharing a joke, also undeniable

there is a balance between "being the cause in one's life" and "being the effect of others"

i object to telling a single story from one end of the stick

it does not vibrate from just one end of the stick

consciousness is human interaction, (give and take ... learn and teach ... do and be done to ... see and be seen), seen objectively from above.

strange everybody assumed, and told the story, that it was something else ... i wonder why they thought it was just for themselves?

Seth says
seth 2015-08-17 12:49:36 18601
"destiny training" ? from The Secret

somewhere twards the end of this is perhaps the meat of the suggestions  .. i yet have to get to it so still toread

perhaps it is to use ...

but perhaps there is more to it than that ...

Seth says
seth 2015-08-19 11:18:06 18693
source: mark

tangential thought.  karma is not cause and effect. Responsibility for one's actions is part of the law, crime & punishment.
Deal with it.
... well just go with "cause and effect" we both should know what that means.  Apparently there is no agreement between us regarding what the word "karma" refers to, so maybe we shouldn't use that word until we can agree on to what it refers.

Taking responsibility for the consequences of my actions is a great way to be ... there is no doubt in my mind about that.   That is another expression of the new ages theme, "be a cause in your life".  But we are dealing here with shades of what I can and can not control from within my own being.  This new age assumption, which is espoused by Nathan, that one can always be in control of all one's experience, that nothing ever happens to one without they themselves willing it ... is total horse shit.  It denys facts that we all have experienced ... many examples can be supplied.  The system as a whole just does not work that way ... we are all causes, and we are all effects.  An individual who tries  to be all cause and no effect is  kidding themselves. 

Seth says
this may have some meaning here  ....

seth 2015-08-21 11:04:03 18237
(;-)) 2015-08-21 10:48:45 18237
seth 2015-08-21 10:40:54 18237
(;-)) 2015-08-21 10:35:26 18237
seth 2015-08-21 10:33:02 18237
(;-)) 2015-08-21 10:26:09 18237
seth 2015-08-21 10:20:19 18237
(;-)) 2015-08-21 10:08:28 18237

Well, not me.  I love caring for others just as i care for myself.  

The point is nobody has figured a way to implement practical consequences in our society when people instinctively don't give a shit about others.  In fact some LOA memes appear to say that is irrelevant.  They say you are quite independent of others, in charge only of your self, and need not concern yourself with the business of others.  That is what i am thinking about in this item with Nathan.
Remember the mote in the eye thingy(biblical look it up). GR is an internal guidance not an external one, Hillary notwithstanding.

Yep GR is internal guidance with no external consequences ... apparently we are in agreement.
You added the no external consequences I did'nt .'. no agreement.

Well do you know of any external consequences of not following the Golden Rule?
Well , if there are no external consequences why bother to do it?  Maybe read the Charter of Compassion or something.

Well good question and good point.   There are external consequences to you when more people do it ... and when somebody does it to you, there are external consequences to you.     But If you do, or do not, do it to others, there are no externa consequences to yourself.  There is kind of a paradox of numbers here.  The part to the whole, the individual vs his society, ... strange how a thing like the Golden Rule gets all up in that dilema. 

Seth says
This might have some bearing here ...

 "We each of us have an inside and an outside ... accept it and move on!"

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