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"What Riot has built is an artificial intelligence system that automates responses to toxic behavior in its flagship game, League of Legends. Think of it as an artificial immune response system."


"Riot is clearly out front in applying artificial intelligence in gaming. I predict the next large-scale applications of crowdsourced artificial intelligence will be in social networks. Facebook and Google have snapped up the leaders of a particularly promising type of machine learning called Deep Learning, and Twitter is ramping up its artificial intelligence investments too. Demis Hassabis, CEO of Google’s DeepMind acquisition, recently noted that “In six months to a year’s time we’ll start seeing some aspects of what we’re doing embedded in Google Plus, natural language and maybe some recommendation systems.”


from the article which this item is about ...
When players experience persistent abuse or toxic behavior in a game, they are on average 320% more likely to leave that game and never come back. Toxic behavior isn’t just a conspicuous PR problem for the gaming companies; it costs them real money.
... not to mention that it destroys the fun of playing the game.

Apparently  they tried it with a crowd sources Tribunal ...
The system allowed players to file reports on abusive players, the most egregious of which were then reviewed by volunteer judges drawn from within the player community. These crowdsourced judges reviewed player feedback, metadata from games, and logs from chat conversations before rendering their decisions. The Tribunal proved a powerful tool for engaging players in policing their own community, and in combination with a number of other player behavior initiatives at Riot, it’s proven quite effective in reducing toxicity.
It is not clear what consequences the Tribunal could impose, but they found that was too slow ... too long of a separation between infraction and consequences .  And they trained a rather large dababase.
Riot has used machine learning techniques to extract patterns from the Tribunal and other massive datasets and teach an artificial intelligence system how to emulate the collective wisdom of its community. As a result, Tribunal volunteers effectively changed their job from judges to teachers. Their past judgements now form the basis of massive scale, real-time judgement engine, grounded in the very human values of the League of Legends community.
... maybe they trained something like Google's deep learning neural net.

Here is a example of how consequences are imposed ...


and his conclusion ...
One of the other reasons it matters relates to the future of artificial intelligence, where one of the potential challenges is around values alignment, or how you ensure that the values driving an artificial intelligence remain in line with those of humanity. What’s particularly interesting about what Riot is doing is that it demonstrates an artificial intelligence that has been trained explicitly on the values of the League of Legends community.

This is groundbreaking work " a pragmatic demonstration of how to build values alignment into an intelligent system. Yes, it raises a number of difficult questions, but it should also give us hope that we may just figure out a way to seed the next intelligence on the planet with the echoes of our better angels.

The world itself randomly trains and shapes our behavior.  Can not this kind of intentional automation be an excellent tool for a group to consciously do that for their particular purposes?


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Si says

"What Riot has built is an artificial intelligence system that automates responses to toxic behavior in its flagship game, League of Legends. Think of it as an artificial immune response system."

… and today you said #SeriTD could not do anything about decay [toxic behavior] … in fact, that is the thing she did today and is still doing. Just a little thing, but little things accumulate!

Seth says
#shucks who was it that might have implied that #SeriTD could not assist us to avoid the decay of #ToxicBehavior ?  … i sure hope it was not me. 

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