mark:   I have identified something frequently demonstrated by you which is willful ignorance or most often simply represented simply as Huh?
seth: you are apparently not accepting that when i say "huh?" i honestly can not understand what you are saying.
seth: but, yes, somtimes i do intentionally ignore things.  I do that just when i think they are utterly without merit ... or to put it bluntly, pure shit ... usually sombody else's egoo.  But when i do that, i don't say Huh? ... i say nothing at all ... and try not to even mention them at all.


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Seth says
(;-)) 2015-08-14 11:23:28 18686
Nope! missed the point yet again. You mostly do Huh? expecting someone else (me) to explain my point over & over so you don't have to do much thinking yourself!

Well that assumes that what you have said is written clearly, with no confusion of symbols, and no implied erroneous assumptions.  Now i respect your statements might always appear to you that way ... you (must?) always assume that they are right.  But i am over here, and can not make that assumption of your statemens alwys being correctly formed, and yet i  must guess the meaning of your words.  It's like solving a differential equation.  Honesltly mark, sometime i cannnot guesss a solution that makes any sense to me ... even when i presume your assumptions for the sake of argument.   It is not a matter of not wanting to think it trough myself ... it is a matter of trying to do that and failing with the givens presented.  Trust me, i always try.

Seth says

Regarding hammers/nails it was provoked by this movie ... the words appear almost at the end of this trailer... an entertaining movie indeed !

Seth says
(;-)) 2015-08-17 08:30:42 18686
seth 2015-08-17 08:16:12 18686
(;-)) 2015-08-16 07:11:15 18686
"He who has ears let him hear" - an often repeated biblical phrase - may also be extended to the other channels & throughout the electronic & selfie age.

What do you mean by saying that in this context?
What did you mean by your Title & context?
Some people just don't want to hear things & close their ears, eh? Some are in some kind of trance self-made or otherwise.
Good Luck!

Well i certainly do understand that people at times do not listen.  That is well known common knowledge.   My question is why do you bring that up in this particular context?

This dialogue is trying to get to the bottom of why you object to me asking you to clarify your remarks ... which i do when i try to listen intently to what you say ... questions are, after all, a part of listening.  That is a direct answer to your first question.

But, not to prolong this ridiculous interchange, i will just chalk up your meaning to you playing some kind of cute Buddhist's trick to imply that there is a useful message in your response in this context that goes beyond the trivial common knowledge.  On it's face it implies wisdom in your words that could be garner, would only that someone open their eyes.   So fine, we are to play with each other by one-upping  with riddles.

You are a hammer or a nail ... don't ever forget which !!

Seth says
source: ...

Dude, I am neither!
I think your selfie is filibustering your rational mind into infinite abstract nothingness - missed what I said again.

Well so again, what are you saying and why are you saying it?  Please clarify !

And why have you introduced your confusion about my generalization/examplification into the matter right now?

Incidentally, whether you are literally a hammer or a nail is irrelevant to your understanding of my riddle to you. 

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