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Seth says
  His "crossing boarders to get out of reality tunnels" is just about the same way as i have found it.   and then ...

source: about 7/21 into the monolog by Robert Anton (transcript by me)

"As i became older I realized more and more that borders are fictions ... the universe appears to be a seamless unity ... there does not seem to be any borders, any real demarkations in the universe.  we put borders in because we are mammals,  we like to mark territory  but the universe itself functions holistically.  You can make a territorial mark on  the map and say  belongs to us and this belongs to the bad people people over there ... the people on the other side of the boarder are always considered the bad people ... that is part of primate psychology."

... which is one reason i say that the boarder established approximately by the skill which demarks what is me and what is not me is a fairly arbitrary boarder within the human animal.  It does, however establish the pissing boundary for one individual human as well as a practical boarder to privacy (you cannot feel what i feel or know what i think).  Outside of those boarders in the universe functioning holistically, all others can be trancended ... at least in theory ... that is if we can cross out of the reality tunnesl in which we were born and were educated.

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