Political Correctness & Racism

About: ten racist things you may not have thought of | national review online

The state of the M$M & the expunging of words & phrases & notions from the public discourse.
Maybe there is a bit of educational malpractice in colleges as well.


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(;-) says
MORE SHIT from the state of Washington:
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  • Washington State students risk a failing grade in one course if they use any common descriptors professor considers “oppressive and hateful language.”
  • In another class, students will lose one point every time they use the words “illegal alien” or “illegals” rather than the preferred terms of “‘undocumented’ migrants/immigrants/persons.”
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    (;-) says

    Mark de LA says
    Officially taught racism coming at the University of Wisconsin – Madison ! The era of viral governmental sponsored evil memes – is legacy of the last 8 years control of the education system.

    Mark de LA says
    .. & perhaps the justice system:

    Mark de LA says
    Education corruption or fake news – WOW!
    null I wonder if students can graduate in history & now know anything about the person whose name is on their diploma. null 

    Seth says
    i think it is a good idea to allow students to chart their own study.   Denise got her degree at Antioch where students pretty much make up their own curriculum.   I helped her with that.  Together we learned much about psychology.   The notion that there is just one perscribed set of things to learn,  is perhaps an idea that we can well move beyond.

    Mark de LA says
    No need to go to a University for that. The governments should not determine what study is correct or incorrect. null  What meaning do you want to attach to a diploma? It is a communication to the outside world about your academic excellence (or maybe lack of same).

    Seth says
    … well certainly null.   but the university provides an enviroment that provides tools and guidance and fosters study … there is a need for that.

    Mark de LA says
    History without the US is like Mathematics without algebra. Study math without it as you wish. Maybe even leave out logic & make your own. null wha then would your math degree be worth? Do it all on the Internet!

    Seth says
    well, me i do not attach much meaning to a diploma.  i used to hire programmers, i found that some had diplomas and some did not.  to choose a great programmer i found that frequently the ones without degrees were better or just as good.

    Seth says
    well i actually do not have a math degree, you do.   guess who i think is better at math.

    Mark de LA says
    .. mismatching as you are wont to do – I have both . I used to hire programmers & qa people & people who could barely speak English – results are varying. Still that is not the subject here. Still, I wonder who you might want to operate on you if you land in a hospital? Would you want a self-taught osteopath to reset your legs or someone with an MD in the subject?

    Seth says
    determining the best surgeon to trust is a high art … me, i would not start by questioning  their diploma.

    Mark de LA says
    Anyway, politics aside, what is a degree in history good for – teaching more history? null

    Mark de LA says
    Usually the hospital or ER does that for you as a legal matter Political Correctness & Racism (comment 69113) notwithstanding.

    Seth says
    yeah i suppose.   i love history … very little of it did i learn in a history class. 

    Mark de LA says
    never liked history until economics was brought into the subject, otherwise it showed up as names, dates & wars & events.  Mostly focus on the past, naturally. Took a course at UCLA called “World History” but it was mostly about literature of the times – we had to read “Dante’s Inferno” e.g.

    Seth says

    Seth says
    i think my love of #history stemms from the things in the current world which i can see comming from the past.  those are the things that i love to study.   then that naturally sorts to the things in the present world which will #inform the future.

    which reminds me that photographed some actual #renton ruins that i discovered … but neglected to record them here.  i should do that when i get me one of them nulls.

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