The Voice of Leadership

Originally provoked by this story: Donald Trump Just Stopped Being Funny

source: conclusion of about article in rolling stones

" People are tired of rules and tired of having to pay lip service to decorum. They want to stop having to watch what they say and think and just get "crazy," as Thomas Friedman would put it.

Trump's campaign is giving people permission to do just that. It's hard to say this word in conjunction with such a sexually unappealing person, but his message is a powerful aphrodisiac. Fuck everything, fuck everyone. Fuck immigrants and fuck their filthy lice-ridden kids. And fuck you if you don't like me saying so.

Those of us who think polls and primaries and debates are any match for that are pretty naive. America has been trending stupid for a long time. Now the stupid wants out of its cage, and Trump is urging it on. There are a lot of ways this can go wrong, no matter who wins in 2016."

What is this vibration, this spirit, that is so appealing to so many Americans?

Should we really give it the rains of our destiny?

For the purpose of my inquiry here, i am in no was opposing or supporting Trump's vibration .... rather, whatever it is good or bad, positive or negative ... i just want to know of its actual character.  For example this vibration is strong and confident.  It is hard to deny that.  Seems to me that we are mostly feeling Trump's personal ego.  Is he also projecting the ego of the of the country?  Is he also projecting your part of the ego of the country?  If so, what is the character of that part?  If not, how does that part make you feel?

Incidentally this is not a partisan fight here.  Any talk of one side as opposed to the other is evidence of not hearing the message contained in this item. 


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Seth says
my point is that  Hillary would loose to Trump based upon their voices alone.  the emotional response of the electorate to the strength of their tone, me thinks, will make more difference than any of the actual issues. 

Seth says
  incidentally the primary measure of the emotional response of the electorate is the size of the crowds that show up at their rallies.   correlate that with the emotional message. 

Remember Obama's crowds at this statge ... remember Cartier's .... remember Bill Clinton's ... remember Nixon's.   Times and issues change ... but stimulus and response still comes through loud and clear. 

Seth says
source: mark
Yep, just boring political hacksmanship instead.
... yep.  

It is however the process by which our leaders bubble up into positions of authority.  Boring, perhaps if you are looking for some kind of ideal process.  But there is no ideal process ... of what value is there in wishing for it?

Me i am just trying to see if i can hear reliable patterns ... I claim to have heard this one ... Trump will be one of the candidate to vote for in 2016.   Mark my words.   I also predicted Obama's election based primarily on the same kind of listening. 

After the primaries i will predict the final winner ... or not.  We will see if the facts bear out this signal.

Seth says
partisan fear is talking about your judgement about what you think this item is about, not what this item is actually about.  It is a distraction.  I really do not want to have to deal with attacking or supporting Trump in this item.  I am after a different kind of knowledge. 

This item is inquiring into the specific character of the emotions and stories that Trump is projecting.  Can you feel that?  No judgement .... just want to know about the nature of the spirit to which he is appealing.

Seth says
source: mark

I guess this applies here too:
Matthew vII,5
King James 2000 Bible
You hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of your own eye; and then shall you see clearly to cast out the speck out of your brother's eye.

... i don't know what you mean in this context.  Are calling me a hypocrite?  How am i a hyprocrite for recording up what i can hear in Trump's projectins that i do not hear in Hillary's?

And if not me, who are you calling a hypocrite?  Trump?  Hillary?   If so then that is irrelivant to this listening here.  I really think that we need to try not to take sides to hear what i am talking about.

Seth says
(;-)) 2015-08-22 18:48:07 18717
btw, the bolded words
asshole: ... Fuck immigrants and fuck their filthy lice-ridden kids. And fuck you if you don't like me saying so.
... belong to you or someone else not Trump.

you always shout the obvious with such a venom in your mouth .... sometimes it is just funny

Seth says
(;-)) 2015-08-23 06:55:15 18717
seth 2015-08-23 03:35:40 18717
my point is that  Hillary would loose to Trump based upon their voices alone.  the emotional response of the electorate to the strength of their tone, me thinks, will make more difference than any of the actual issues. 
for whom do you assert such things ? missing reference.

Politics for the low information consumer of news is rarely about truth & policy & mostly memes & images - similar to advertising.

i am saying that the winning vibration goes beyond "memes & images & advertising".  the winning vibration here is the vibration of leadership. 

yes, it is targeted directly to "the low information consumer" ... Rolling Stones (and others) have said that by saying  "America has been trending stupid for a long time. Now the stupid wants out of its cage, and Trump is urging it on."

If you are not concerned with issues at all, you can compare the candidates on their voices of leadership alone.  So listening to their voices i can hear Trump winning over Hillary.  I am not judging that, just recording what i am hearing. 

Incidentally voice can come through in writing too.  Apart from actual issues, can you hear your own voice to me, can you hear mine to you?  Can you hear Bernie's ... can you hear Cristie's?... did you hear Palin's ... could you even listen to Obama's?

Seth says
here yet another pundant notices the same phenomena from a differnt perspective and publishes in a respected conservative website.

Seth says
source: mark

Leadership is well discussed in Erhard but doesn't really sound like vibes, the Rolling Stone etc. It is the integrity to say what you are going to do & the doing of what you say.
What is actually missing from Trump, Obama & others is NOT leadership, but what used to be called statesmanship - the wisdom of the long view of nations etc. & the evolution of the human race & nations. Political correctness has no place in statesmanship.

... fine, whatever

I am not dealing here with the ideal and/or theoretical qualities of  leadership, but rather with what an electorate can hear .... with the emotional signal. 

Now, there is no such thing an an unbiased listening ... but we can approach it better and better by changing frame of reference and background and context.  For example, i really cannot hear Ted Cruiz's voice ... just because i basically hate everything i have ever heard him say.  From what i have heard you say, i think you are in the same situation with Obama.  On the other hand i heard Rick Santorum's leadership on immigration, and it sounded clear and strong and lacked Trump's hateful demonizing of others. 

i claim there is a art to hearing the spirit behind the voice of these politicians.  totally exclusive of taking sides.  Maybe i am just imaging it ... maybe not ... but one thing is clear, to hear it, one way or another, you must stop taking sides and poking me in my ego for what you erroriously presume is a bias. 

Seth says
source: mark

Crows come & size may matter (is someone jealous there?) - viz Obama's coming out from between Greek columns for an appearance in Colorado, but after it was advertized that some rock band was going to entertain as well.

... well people actually love egoo when it is done well.  People are loving Trump's flaunting of his wealth and his pride and dominance in running his company.  Can't you feel it?  I can.

Obama's voice vibrated differently, it worked and i felt it.

Too bad i can not feel Hillaries.  I can well imagine that she is feeling jealous.  I hear her saying to Bill ... but, honey, it just is not me. 

Seth says
source: mark

Yep - memes - hope & change.  Lots of hope that something would change, but unfortunately it did & the country is twice as broke & dissed as it was before.

... sigh.   I guess it is impossible for you to be at all objective.  Apparently you must always involve yourself in the plane of the partisan fight itself. 

Next time i will just delete it ... it has no value here at all ... except just to obstruct the primary message i am saying.

Seth says
source: ...

I think you are projecting I like & prefer integrity (say=do=same); transparency, statesmanship & wisdom:  like Reagan & JFK.
Official Portrait of President Reagan 1981.jpgJohn F. Kennedy, White House color photo portrait.jpg
Obama & Clinton areat the bottom of my list.
... Well by virtue of who won the election, i think it is clear who's voice got heard.  Especially wher there was a landslide.

I liked (and heard) Kennendy's voice ... originally i heard and liked Nixon's too.   I wasn't paying attention during the Regan election and era.   Carter and Bill also had this popular response to their voices.

Obviously what i hear is subjective to me ... it cannot be otherwise.  But in this election i am listening not just to the voice of the politician (and my ego's effect on that), but also to the people's response to that message quite apart from my own ego. 

And I always hear your own little emoticon judgements as evidence of your egoo's effect on what you hear.   Strange you seem not to have realized that.

Seth says
source: ...

Visuals have more effect than voice: hence selfies & TV.
... yep .

I actually am not concerned with which media a communication is projected through. 

I put a visual selfie on my branding here

Does it increase the demand for this bread?

So far it was well received.  But might make some squeamish. I don't know.

Squeezing out egoo is a fine art.  There is little doubt that Trump is doing it well.

Seth says
(;-)) 2015-08-23 12:10:08 18717
 [irrelivant material snipped]  The gustatory of your face swallowing a booger or piece of slime doesn't make me want to eat the loaf you are serving up.

like i said ... might make some squeemish.  Trump besting someone in a business deal doesn't make me want to give him the rains of government either.  But some see that as his strength and are turned on.  Just like some might pick up on my personal delight in eating a morsel of shrimp. 

Associating qualities of personal identity to a product is what we humans do.  Personal pride can be a honest first person statement ...that can be heard and perhaps trusted by others.

but well, ok,  you are smug, "", enjoying twisting my delight into a nasty booger ... telling me  that you prefer to turn my projections in the world to disgust in your eyes rather than tripping on them.
 ... hmmm ... what is that really all about?

Mark de LA says
Yeah, Conservatives & Republicans are not the same species. Just like the 1-issue Tea Party was not the Republicans.  Trump appears to be drawing a distinction between himself & the establishment Republicans like John Boehner & Mitch McConnell in Congress & Bush etc in the candidates for Republican party.  The establishment probably dislike Trump as much as the Democrats do. Something of a different flavor is happening on the Democrat party side with Hillary , but she is manipulating the system, lying & deep in corruption. The choice on that side is that or gaff-a-minute Biden, or a couple of others. I am surprised Algore is not trying again. It would be fun to at least have some debates worth the news on that side.
I'm hoping a 3rd party gets generated that wins. I am, after all, an independent.

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