Choosing a Leader & President

Whom would I choose ?
  1. Probably not a politician or lawyer; at least someone remote from same
  2. Probably a captain of industry - someone like Bezos or Branson or Mackey or ..
  3. & probablly not someone who just made money on money (Trump)
  4. Someone who built a business from scratch that is successful & illustrates that person's integrity
  5. Someone with some military experience enough to appreciate war & sending people to war.
  6. Someone who can lead and manage
  7. Someone who cares & identifies with the USA & is not trying to run for president of the World
  8. I like Teddy Roosevelt, but just started examining his life & he is already dead & memorialized. Political correctness would wage all out war against him in these days.
  9. Someone who can speak articulately & clearly without a teleprompter.
  10. Someone who is an example for children.
  11. Someone who shuns all identity groups in favor of just plain human beings.
  12. Someone who goes beyond words to art, music, drama communicating with the people - not just another TV commercial.
  13. ... tbd


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