Lost Performatives

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Recovery Questions

We want to find out where the belief came from, whether the strategy is based on something solid.

Other clues in NLP-Mentor:

Primary Interest: People, Place,

 Activity, Things, Information

The primary interest Meta programs determines what we pay attention to, what we find interesting and motivating, or boring. This Meta program is a sort rather than a filter. What is the difference I hear you ask?

Imagine you need have a box of ribbons. You take out the ones you don’t like " this is a filter. Then you sort the others into categories. Your categories might be color, width, type of fabric or some other thing. You can change the categories, but you can’t sort something that hasn’t been included. Our Representational Systems are a kind of filter

We sort what is left of our world after we have deleted, distorted and generalized the incoming information. We can’t sort what we haven’t coded. You will not be able to remember someone’s name if you haven’t coded it in the first place.

When we decide to sort our box of ribbons for the red ones, this creates a focus of our attention. We stop searching for other ribbon properties such as wide pieces. If this doesn’t suit our purpose, it is easy to change to a different sorting category. I can then sort for all the silk ones, or within the category such as red silk ones.


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Mark de LA says
Action Filters are very interesting!

Reactive Action Filter – Action Without


The reactive action filter combines action with non reflection or internal dialogue. At its best, this is ideal in sports and performances, as well as emergencies where instincts are needed. They take initiative, and are willing to jump in and have a go, without the need to analyze it to death first. They see what they want and go for it.

reactive action filter diagram


Mark de LA says
seth 2015-09-12 11:16:13 18805
Yep, just do it

I am of a mind that reflection is rarely (if ever) the motivation for deed.  Or said differently, my doing of something  is rarely (if ever) caused by my calculation that it is the best thing to do.  Sorry, rational behavior, i just don't appear to be wired your way.??
Too many problems with your statement.  This is just one out of many strategies people behave when considered from the Reactive Action Filter.
I tend to have a pre-action acessment of "good" before I act without an internal rational discussion. Cleaning the kitchen & making food is the context where that works. Just do it belongs to Nike & not me. Good Luck with sloganeering it.

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