Absorption vs Emission as a model for understanding

In physics we study how masses respond to the vibrations.  A  mass can vibrate internally at a frequency impinging from its environment  ... this is called "absorption".   A mass can also cause vibrations in its environment ... that is called "emission". 

We can use these phenomena to model aspects of human interaction.   For example if a person is deeply effected by an external event, we can say that person "absorbed" the event and their internal being vibrates in some relationship to it.  Alternatively a person can cause others to become deeply effected by actions,  we can then say that they are "emitting". 

We observe that people shift from absorbing to emitting, back and forth, one way or the other, and combinations of them all the time ... or observe that some people prefer one mode to the other.  In fact there are self help movements like Abraham Hicks's Law of Attraction which prescribes that emitting is the preferred mode of personal behavior ... and that absorbing leads to victimhood.  Alternatively there are gurus teaching absorption:  sensitivity, listening, and empathy for others.  

Personally I do not to seek either mode to prefer.   Rather i think these modes, for me at least, are like breathing in and breathing out.  I have come to believe that balancing and alternating between absorption and emission is the best strategy for my life, my interaction with others, and the greater being of humanity. 

This matches my observation of how i naturally behave.  In other words, it is not that i have chosen or trained myself to breath in and breath out,  but rather that is what i naturally do.  Apparently others have trained themselves, or have been encouraged, or acting according to their particular nature, prefer berating out to breathing in. 

We can also use this model as to how it deals with energy.  Doing, emitting, takes more energy than passive absorbing from outside.  (to be continued ...)
Absorbtion is actually the same thing as understanding.  Understanding is where one's insides (mind) resonate with a new idea from outside ... no twisting or rejecting or refuting or changing the subject involved.   Now if we put in the model that one cannot be in both the state of absorption and the state of emission at the very same time, that would explain a person's behavior when they are trying to transmit, yet are receiving a signal from outside with which they cannot resonate or understand ... it must be drowned out at any cost ... even to the point of anger.

This model kind of keeps on giving
Switching states ... ahh ... now there's the rubb.  Like for example right now, i need to switch states, from understanding to creating.  From passively grasping for understanding from the outside (or even inside) to creating some new stuff myself as it were from scrath.  To be specific, today i need to take some pictures and make some recordings, for which i have to reinstall my sound app, and also coordinate what is going to happen this weekend on the farmstand.  I usually have this problem around now when prudence dictates deed to be done, yet my habitual preference for the exciting possibility of understanding something new keeps me in a absorbing (or passive) state.  The answer i know from experience is just doing it.  But that is quite easier said, than actually done.   Courage and/of energy come into play ... staying in the same state requires less energy than moving to a new one.  Perhaps more could be said, but this time the energy is just there so i am going to just do it. 

hmmm ... i wonder how resolution fits in with this model.

I think this points linguistically to linguistic understanding: knowing  "me, what your phrases meant to you ... you, what my phrases meant to me" see usage in comment 18913,


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Seth says
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Using this model i think RWG can be explained by assuming that people taking the path of least resistance will tend not to resonate in a foreign pattern or absorb or understand something new.  Rather it is easier to defend their own mental framework.   Or said differently, make the other poor slob absorb my pattern, it takes too much energy to deal with his.
Maybe that's the way you play the game.
The distinction of the RWG is simply who is UP & who is DOWN in terms of being RIGHT, WRONG, not-RIGHT & not-WRONG ; rarely who is EVEN unless EVEN is a subjugation of the other acknowledging that one is RIGHT.
Play with that for a while.
It really has nothing to do with Eric Berne . It is really nothing to do with patterns, absorption, novelty or whatever you are mapping it into for the munge. The way we play it is more like tit-4-tat with no resolution/strategy as to how to end the game.

Yeah this model seems to be mostly for me gestalting how my energy flows ... it probably has very little if anything to do with what you are doing over there. 

Re the RWG, perhaps you have not noticed, but i play to not let it happen ... but you always win there .  You see i can not experience your glee in being right, and actually don't get any glee  being right myself at your expense ... kind of embarassing that ... so if no agreement, then i loose ... and of course with you i always loose because you will not agree.   Perhaps if you can absorb that you will understand why i play for no RWG.
.. & yet you do; having first made the RWG Wrong in your mind & made your selfie aloof from it.
happy sailing!

well that is an interesting thesis, but i think it is the actual negative consequences of playing RWG which can be objectively observed which make it wrong in my mind.  it has noting to do with my own personal pride ... or just my play in a game itself ... which pattern is just glee in your mind.

But could i ask you to move your thesis to a item where it can find a more thorough treatment ... it will just interfere with my awareness of absorbing or emitting energy here.

Seth says
IamanI 2015-09-25 14:08:00 18808
Couldn't help repost this pic about absorption:

Mark, this item is about my understanding of psychology.  I've noticed the different modes i go in ... sometims accepting and hearing from the outside ... other times acting and creating stuff out there myself.  Look at Rebecca at the farmstand, she is outgoing and engaging with potential customers ... she is emitting, projecting.  Most of the time i cannot do that with strangers.   Stufying that  is my focus here. 

Can you not see how your distration about Obama not only has noting to do with what i am examining here, but also actually tends to decay my focus on it?     Do you still wonder why i delete large unrelated garffiti like this from my focus?   Do you really think it will inform my focus to take the time to refute it?

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