It is interesting to compare these two hashtags #winning & #agreeing

A good example of #winning in contemporary culture is this attack ad by Bobby Jindal

In fact i do believe that Charlie Sheen coined and exemplified the contemporary usage of "#winning".

It is the boast of someone claiming credit for the win part of a win-loose zero sum game ... or somone boasting a win at the RWG.

It expresses an internal egoo pleasure into the world.  It makes the negative consequences of adversarial transactions worse.  For example, how does it feel for the looser to hear the winner boast of his #winning ... it is rubbing it in ... it is inflicting pain and/or discord on the looser.  The exact opposite of the author's stated goal of 4636.  Most people recognize it as "narcissism" combined with a subjective (internal only) interpretation of feedback from the world.

It is easy to see how such a  projection will increase discord in general, though not, of course, inside Charlie.


Now compare that with #agreeing ... but first i will need to find a comparable contemporary example.


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Seth says

Incidentally those who wish to chalk up the use of this #winning transaction as just "wit" or "TV humor" should realize that Donald Trump is using it's feedback to catapult himself into being the leader by far of the Republican candidates.  This is not just a humorous claim made by a celebrity any more.  This is actual signal being fed back on itself to produce amplification.  The scary part is how well it is working ... nothing funny about that.

Seth says
source: mark
Political shit-assedness personified!
Mark, you would need to be explicit and direct of what you are talking about and justify your generalities with examples for that kind of nastiness to be permitted on my blog.  And, of course, it cannot be about me ... as that would just be the fallacy of ad hominem ... not to mention a lie. 

As it stands now, your transaction appears as an attempt to trick me into absorbing your internal discord with me.  Come on now, how about at least trying to Blog on a Higher Plane?

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