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Some great insights here about the rise of "Crisis Actor" conspiracy theories, and the misplaced teleology that underlies it. The underlying mentality is something I've watched spread throughout religious and formerly religious communities as religion gives way to science. People who were attracted to religion in search of a crude teleology tend to carry that bad habit into the secular world. The author's proposed antidote (accept that sometimes things don't have an explanation) isn't the only antidote. The other approach is to accept that reality is more complex than you thought, and accept that you don't have an explanation yet.

for background:  see the Ronake murders 2015 and google crisis actor

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Well apparently we humans are not satisfied to live in a world of unrelated events ... not we must, of our nature, make up stories in which they fit.  I doubt that civilization as we know it would exist if we did not.  The trick is to match with as many events as humanly possible ... obliviousness to which yields stories which masturbate only their authors egos. 


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