sua sponte

OMG a new word was used at the republican debate.

source: here is where it appeard to me in the debate

HEWITT: I’d like to talk about winning because I think all of you are more qualified than former Secretary of State Clinton, and as were the people in the first debate, but there are different styles, and Carly Fiorina, Governor Kasich, you’re conveniently located next to each other, and you have different styles.

Governor Kasich, you’ve been on my show a lot. You refused to attack Hillary Clinton, you just don’t want to go there, you want to do the up with people. Go, Ohio, OK, and I like that.

Carly Fiorina, I don’t have to bring up the Secretary of State " you bring her up, so (inaudible).

Which one of you is wrong? Governor Kasich?

I heard "sua sponte" where the the "so (inaudible)" appears in the transcript. 

google sua sponte

Based upon the definition and how it was used in the question it sounds to me like an ostentatious way to say, "incidentally" .  I use it all the time to indicate that my following statement is not prompted by anything in the immediate context, yet is somehow associated. 

Note that Carly does bring up Hillary quite frequently and in whatever context is being treated.  So Hewitt's sentence is true within my hearing and interpretation.

incidentally this item is an example of how the use of words establishes what they mean.  More of just an academic exercise for me than anything else.

And i say, sua sponte, that i predict that Trump will sink in the polls based upond this debate.


  1. communication
  2. incidentally
  3. sua sponte
  4. using words


Mark de LA says
Latin sua sponte is a legal distinctions just like nolo contendere & habeas corpus are - not new words but part of legalese world enshrined in a dead language & the Vatican.
I notice that you quite often go in the sua sponte direction rather than follow a current thread while breaking logical connections.

For those who read & respond to the Drudge poll on who won the debate
(which is ~ VISITS TO DRUDGE 9/17/15

029,772,694 PAST 24 HOURS
719,473,652 PAST 31 DAYS
8,689,115,538 PAST YEAR   )
It does not look like Trump is going anywhere soon: Trump 54% Fiorina 20% & Carson is sinking to 4%

Mark de LA says
(;-)) 2015-09-17 07:47:23 18822
If words are just words why not use fucking swear words - meaning is in the earworm &cunt of the fucking listener.

Bring on Babylon: ... & babble on

The English Babylon comes from Greek Babylṓn (Βαβυλών), a transliteration of the Akkadian Babili. The Babylonian name in the early 2nd millennium BC had been Babilli orBabilla, which appears to be an adaption of an unknown original non-Semitic placename.[6] By the 1st millennium BC, it had changed to Babili under the influence of the folk etymology which traced it to bāb-ili ("Gate of God" or "Gateway of the God").[7]

In the Hebrew Bible, the name appears as בָּבֶל (Bavel; Tiberian בָּבֶל Bāvel; Syriac ܒܒܠ Bāwēl), interpreted in the Book of Genesis (11:9) to mean "confusion" (viz. of languages), from the verb בלבל bilbél, "to confuse". The modern English verb, to "babble", or to speak meaningless words, is popularly thought to derive from this name, but there is no direct connection.[8]

Mark de LA says
Actually the Tower is a good Trump to pay attention to! (;-0

Seth says
source: ;-)) 2015-09-17 07:47:23 [item 18822]
If words are just words why not use fucking swear words
Yep that is kind of the point .  A string of characters does not need a heritage in ancient Greece to have meaning.  If it has such a heritage, that history is mostly irrelevant to what it actually means when it is used today.  Rather a string of characters works to mean something by virtue of people using it, time and again, to point to the same thing.  For example, "a11y", follow that to twitter to see what it means ... "Jan25" is another good example.  Another example is what CFR did with ming.  Then we can see this by just observing how the meaning of words change as people use them to point to different things. 

Do you not agree? 

Please answer ... it would so help our mutual understanding here, were i to know that you see this same thing ... or alternatively, see it differently.

- meaning is in the earworm &cunt of the fucking listener.
... not sure how you mean that .  

tokens flow in the transactions of communication ... when the communication is successful, a similar interpretation happens in both the speaker and the listener.

Seth says
and i would like to say, not entirely sua sponte, that mystical symbols work the same way.

Mark de LA says
It is quite simple. If don't care if you redefine words to mean anything you want them to mean to you, but don't expect them to mean the same thing to me. The more you deviate from the historical & usage of the meanings that have gone before you the less I will grok what you are saying or trying to say & in a lot of cases won't give a shit whether I do or not. Some still say the meaning of your communications is the response you get. If you don't like that response don't blame the receiver try to communicate in a different way or grok that what you are really saying doesn't map to anything.

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