My Cunt-tree Tis of Thee

Even Michelle aligns with Trump

Make America Great Again


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Mark de LA says
The title song & lyrics on YouTube -

Mark de LA says
In the good old days stand up comedy brought us comedy albums & Bob Newhart, Johnathan Winters, Lenny Bruce, & Von Meader on the First family an impressions comedy album on JFK in the White House - the days when we could freely laugh at ourselves. I propose an update for the new millenium & the current White House contents:

Suggested themes might blend the new trends in sexuality, mixed nationals & religions as well as animal rights, gardening & Michelle's cooking. The subject is ripe for comedy.

Mark de LA says

I remember my mother singing with me & the harmony of it all while giving my a bath in the bath tub at University Ave. This song & the other ones like America the Beautiful & God Bless America were classics instead of dirty words. I discovered an 1898 book of National songs some while ago in my archives:

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