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(*) Apparently cant paste the picture here.
The trick is to position the cursor immediately to the left of the text you want to appear on the right.  In other words, you need to write the words first, then upload the picture.

But paste doesn't work because it inserts some wierd HTML.  Use upload or image address gadgets instead.


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Mark de LA says
 screen scrape from FB today try

Mark de LA says
  drone scrape drag & drop from youtube

Mark de LA says
it is the resizing which seems to fuck up drag & drop

Seth says
using these image placement gadgets in this old wysiwyg editor will give you the most control of the placement.  other methods, like drag and drop or paste, pick up extra properties and put them in the img tag.  you could, however, edit those properties out by clicking view source.  i do that occasionally when i see something has gone goofey. 

i usually get the image i want to use on the screen and then size the window so that it shows the display size i want to use, then i screen scrape it cropping as desired, then go back to the editor and put the cursor in the upper left corner of where i want the image to appear, and click the upload gadget.  always works as intended and if the source website decides to obstruct my access it will not change my post.

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