Obama personifies what is partisan with ego, and what is wrong with egoo.

About: again: saudi arabia elected chair of un human rights council panel « view from geneva

It takes someone with a huge Ego to survive as POTUS in the common sense of the word Ego as "thinks a lot of himself" and has a huge birdie in his back pocket.  What is good for Obama is good for the country.  (altogether the Luciferic component).
Michael Strong on FB: ...

When I think “champion of human rights” I always think of Saudi Arabia. What with the public beheadings and women not being allowed to drive cars and all. Oh, and being gay is punishable by death too.

We wonder if Pope Francis will address the issue of the Saudis at the head of Human Rights Council panel when he speaks at the UN later this week? Sadly, he probably won’t.

Pope Francis has another similar big Ego with religious tradition backing his birdie. More Pope Poop here.
The Roman Catholic Church popes have been involved in politics since it's early century. Additional info here.

The two Obama/Pope now are doing community organizing together to socialize the nation.


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Mark de LA says
seth 2015-09-22 10:31:11 18845
source: mark

Yep --- MORE BOZO --- no need to try to digest it any more. Drive-Bye-Punditry at it's finest munge.

well now, i credit your reaction entirely to Magor ... there is absolutely nothing in your reaction that was absorbed from what i said. 

I think i am trying to get at something that your are avoiding ... and i am avoiding absorbing your stuff. 

Understanding how personas work in the world, and even just with you, is far more interesting to me than looking for any faults of our POTUS or the POPE.   useful new words though: peronism and corporatism. 
I guess then what I was saying in your lingo is that there was nothing in your post and 18837 or 18808 that I want to absorb or get either.

Mark de LA says
seth 2015-09-22 09:35:43 18845
(;-)) 2015-09-22 08:55:59 18845
(;-)) 2015-09-22 08:55:06 18845
seth 2015-09-22 08:34:57 18845
yes, a public persona functions in the world like any other ego/egoo.  so POTUS's huge birdie in his back pocket is what a lot of us voted for ... he speaks for us ... just like when you say something to yourself you speak for yourself ... same thing, only on a national level.  strange how the inside drama, is so similar to the outside drama, on a different plane.  
You have no access to his inside drama & only M$M reports of the outside drama filtered by the drive-bye media - which nets it down to all just your own drama.

BTW, there is more info here than just the title & the first paragraph.

Yep, no access to his inside drama ... none needed ... i act and react based entirely on public information.  ... and yep, it comes through the media ... fish swim in water ... information is transmitted through wires and wifi these days ... so what?  

Well how do you get your conclusion, "it nets down to all just my own drama", from that?  I am effected by the outside drama to the extent that i absorb it ... crediting it to me seems strangely wrong.  if a sniper shoots off your arm, are you going to credit yourself for the injury?

Now it is true, that i interpret the news subjectively and act according, i guess you can credit my deeds to me.  

Re the other points in your item:  Lots of people in this nation have been knocking Obama's persona around.  Me, i like to play a game with that.  I imagine that i am the whole nation and everything that is said about Obama is a thought going through this great mind of America.  If the public persona of Obama is the ego/egoo of the nation, then all of those thoughts are effecting that ego.  They are forming and shaping it.   But, me, i am still separate and sovereign from that being ... and can select which thoughts that go by that i will personally focus on and absorb.  So sorry, yours got selected out to fade out of my awareness ... mostly because i have heard their vibration before and have noticed how they are riddled and decayed with fallacies.   But don't take that personal ... its nothing about Mark ... its just more about Rush Limbaugh and that whole vibration in our nation that just is not me.
Yep --- MORE BOZO --- no need to try to digest it any more. Drive-Bye-Punditry at it's finest munge.

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