China & Obamulism

About: about: china to announce cap-and-trade program to limit emissions



APPLE under fire for factory conditions as iPhone launched...

REPORT: Chinese Completes Runway on Reclaimed South China Sea Island...

White House puts up screens to shield Chinese president from protesters...

FLASHBACK: Forces Pope to Greet Transvestite, Pro-Abortion Nun, Gay Bishop...
In due deference to Trump & Dr. Ben Carson I think I will start calling POTUS by his middle name - Hussein. (;-))


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IamanI says
IamanI 2015-09-25 13:58:09 18860
Another cognitive dissonance is Hussein & Kerry negotiating with the keeper of the Islam of Iran - Grand Ayatollah Ali_Khamenei - since both claim to be Christians (infidels) & Hussein may have converted. Can a member of Islam negotiate with an Infidel if otherwise he "should" kill him?
(in progress)
In Islam is it OK or required that one lie to an infidel?

IamanI says
seth 2015-09-25 13:09:18 18860

how is "mulism" and "hussein" associated with Obama in the context of US/China relations, China finally agreeing to do cap & trade, or the Pope's relation to Transvestites and nuns who have abortions? 

me, i cannot Gestalt a pattern there at all ... so this just looks like misassociation to me; and more stories told about Obama to cast him in the worst possible light. 

But hey, if i am wrong about my interpretations here, you could always point out this pattern that i cannot see myself.
Check out the transparency not - why does Hussein almost never use that name? Who is Barry Soetoro? Why is anyone who asks those questions branded as a conspiracy theorist?
Basically I was appalled at the "White House Puts up screens to screen out protesters from the Chinese dictator. The same kind of thingy happened in Cuba to screen the pope from dissidents.
Some people can't handle being opposed.  I described, but did not use your artful tag word misassociation in 18857

Mark de LA says
Government opacity extended to non-treaty treaties with Iran “Death to America” & nuclear weapons: 
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