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seth 2015-09-26 09:39:08 18857
Or in this case maybe the word should be "tetragametic chimer" which is a being growing inside another being.  See it dramatized in House, Episode 2 season 3, Cain and Able.   In this case there are two of them: one of you growing in me, and one of me growing in you ... the first being my image and conception and story of you in my mind, the second being your image and conception and story of me in your mind.  It is it usually all good, the way we understand each other in this social life we live. 

The problem, in our case, is that there is no way that i am comfortable living the story of me that you have constructed, nor will I ... and apparently you are not comfortable living this story that i have been trying to understand of you in my mind.  Which is just my little gestalt of why you are such an asshole to me and are continually hostile and disrespectful of my being and continually say things about it which are not true of the real me.  It might also explain things that are happening to you over there.

Strangely enough the Pope hit on a note which might mitigate the problem:  Do unto others as you would have others do unto you ... or in other words, treat and create my image in you just exactly as you would have me treat and create your image in me.  Before you say shit about me, see if you would want me to say that same shit about you. 

Try it, who knows, maybe it will work better than playing the rwg incessantly.

You construct my image in your mind, so you are responsible for it.  For example, you might have a very negative image of my intelectuality in your mind, and will talk accordingly.  Now just who is responsible for that image, me or you?  That is the whole point of this genetic chimera metaphor.  Now, of course you will think, that your image of my intellectuality was constructed by me thinking stupidly ... that necessarily is the way it will appear to you when you are totally confident in your perceptions.  But nonetheless, there is this subjective aspect of perception ... beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. 

"The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them." -- Thomas Merton


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Seth says
IamanI 2015-09-27 10:09:36 18862
seth 2015-09-27 09:59:46 18862
IamanI 2015-09-27 09:09:45 18862
Chimera has nothing to do with butterflies. A creature growing inside another is a parasite. Fungus & lichens & hemifungi are all similarly disposed & grow on the outsides.

well to be honest with you i am not totally sure that the butterfly in the picture is a genetic chimera, but i rather expect that it is.  Genetic chimeras are a real medical condition that obtains in the world ... and no, it is not the same thing as a parasite.  Watch the House episode referenced above or find it in the medical literature.
I watched it long ago when it first was aired. The word genetic lends nothing to the idea of chimera which is a munge of creature.

Well finally we agree .... a chimera "is a mung of creature" ... exactly how i am using it in this metaphor. 

Another similar portrail is this 1990 horror movie ...
source:  website about the movie The Manitou

The man (because it must be a man) who will mercifully make this reconnection is Harry (Tony Curtis), a con-artist posing as a psychic. His friend-with-benefits Karen (Susan Strasberg) shows up at his door with a hideous swelling boil containing a fetus growing from her neck. The medical community, blinded by facts and evidence, can’t seem to categorize or carve out a solution to Karen’s freakish condition. Instead Harry turns to superstition, and what better place to find tenaciously perennial primitive beliefs than Native America? Teaming up with John Singing Rock (Syrian actor Michael Ansara), a medicine man from the Souix Tribe, and Dr. Snow (Burgess Meredith) an anthropologist who specializes in primitive cultures, Harry defeats the deformed, goo-covered troll that emerges from Karen’s neck-womb.

Seth says

here is another mythical one

thanks Phillip Chen

Seth says
surprising article re a "human chimera"

Si says

Si says
Beautiful connections here with 

The world is like a mirror, you see? smile and your friends smile back.


Seth says
it is a big notorious step to think from “the world is like a mirror” to “the world is a mirror”.   The first sentence applies in many many cases.  The second sentence is false. 


Si says
You simply have not delved deep enough to hear the ring yet.  


Seth says
⬆︎easy for you to just say  ← what does that do for you to so say ? …

but the fact is i have delved deep enough and continue to find that the second sentence is false.  It seems to me to be a reification of a metaphor … all aspects of a mirror simply do not apply to my senses … some do …. some do not. 

Si says
It is just a pointer for you, a signpost pointing down a trail you can follow. I can’t lead you there with words you know … you have to go to that place in your being before you will actually #hearTheRing … my words do not create sounds. You must go there to hear them #ringTrue. null

Seth says
note this conversation probably started in 18857 which mark subsequently privatized . 

Si says
Working on that a bit … end goal you will be able to “personally” access content you wrote, even on private thoughts. Just you of course.

Seth says
Yeah  sure,  i do understand that you are waving  at something for which there is yet to be an English description.    Nevertheless the language you are using is going #tilt over here.  Thing is you cannot trade on your assumptions about me and change how they ring.  That will never work.  You should know me by now, to know that is true.   

Note how easy it is to be so very general and say those sweeping sentences.  (hashtag that when i can remember it).   Instead, me thinks, you would need to describe specific cases to make it real over here . 

… and you would need to do that without profiting on a (I am ok, You are not)  transaction in the process because those messages are about something else which does not make your message ring true.  or said differently, sorry wrong vibration null.

Si says
#whatever … you hesitate to take a step #intoTheWoods … so be it … the woods are ~ #unsafe!  

Si says

and you would need to do that without profiting on a (I am ok, You are not)  transaction in the process

No profit here. You simply don’t go to all places you can go. That does not make you #NotOK, it just makes the box you experience in smaller. I don’t judge that as #NotOK … however, if you are judging those words as meaning your are #NotOK, then perhaps you should look at your own beliefs about what makes you #OK. null

Seth says
and strangely enough your self serving words are not even true on their face … i have no hesitation to take such steps

Seth says
it is not a problem for me.   i can usually anticipatate when Mark de LA’s privacy screen will go up, and sequester anything i need before it does.   And if i don’t get it before, i just ask him for it specifically, and he has complied.  i think we should respect his right to control that just as he sees fit.

Seth says
for example, i said some things about #Ahriman and #Lucifer recently that Mark de LA privitized.  But i know that shit by heart in my gut … i don’t need my old words to retrieve it … and when our context shifts to an appropriate soil, my fingers will type it out again. 

Si says

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