Steps to an Ecology of Mind

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We create the world that we perceive by selecting  from it to conform to our stories.

Is that a different coding of LOA ?


Illustrated, perhaps, by this Japanese viral meme  ...

The ant-meme to which might be  fidenity ... eh?

... and a positive thinking meme as well.


From Page 346, last paragraph in Comments to Part III

I don't know about schizophrena and double bind and all ... that needs of a read of the whole chapter, but the last part certainly resonates with my own train of thought:  Looking only from the point of view of a single ego's concerns is not where we figure out what to make go down

I remember when i first got involved with a "new aged group" in San Francisco in the 70s.  It was a Hindu sired group with a Maharishi and all and was into transcendental meditation.  I remember being surprised or irritated by the promise given to those who meditate:  "You will get whatever you want".   Oh sure there was talk of that being on a higher plane and all ... but in the end the tangible examples were always about that  ... just like they are in LOA groups today.  Compare that with Bateson's "the ecology of ideas in systems of minds whose boundaries no longer coincide with the skins of the participan individual".  It is the changes in that ecology which i seek.  

Yet the strangeness which provoked that paragraph above was that, the lack of this awareness in religious movements of human ecology still irritated and surprised me back in the 70s when i originally encountered it, although I did not realize then the cause of my irritation. 

I get a similar surprise/irritation when I absorb Mark's crusade against "we".


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Seth says
AmIam 2015-10-07 10:38:36 18908
seth 2015-10-07 10:34:39 18908
AmIam 2015-10-07 10:19:31 18908
You will find that when you delete my comments - especially ones I took time looking up references on such as the Bandler-Bateson relationship - that I begin ignoring you & your posts more often & that you will be talking to yourself.  Enjoy your nazification of fastblogit.

i do not remember deleting any such comment ... what item did you put it on? 
It was this one - do you remember the youtube of Bandler?

in fact it is still there ...

IamanI 2015-10-06 09:10:15 18893
Bandler & Bateson used to spar as well. Bandler liked to practice & Bateson liked to think.

sorry, i didn't get a chance to watch it yet .... towatch

Seth says
source: mark

O -- the duplication of the same material is confusing.

it can be.  duplication of material is quite part of what happens in mind.

Seth says
Incidentally, I knew (predicted) in advance that Mark would not understand my comment in response to Bateson's "the ecology of ideas in systems of minds whose boundaries no longer coincide with the skins of the participan individual" and would call it "word salad".   I mean after all, it is not surprising that one mind, isolated from another, will not be able to absorb thoughts which are extremely deeply connected only within the other mind. 

It is one of those things about which i shout, "WE EACH OF US HAVE AN INSIDE AND AN OUTSIDE ... ACCEPT IT AND MOVE ON!"

Seth says
Eiammyme 2015-10-08 11:40:22 18908
seth 2015-10-08 11:06:22 18908
Eiammyme 2015-10-08 10:43:04 18908
Nice to predict, but bad prediction obtained. Such is not what I call word salad. 

well deny all your want in your mind, but i predicted that you would cause the term "word salad" to occur just now, and it did.
& I predicted long ago that you would argue about anything!

... assuming of course that i as arguing  (and thereby defending my story) ... and not merely trying to listen intently to you ... making that listening happen externally here.  I did not, after all know, what you would actually do untill you actually did it ... and that was in fact new information from the outside that impinged here. 

Anyway i'm not going to do much more or this predicting stuff ... i think it can enhance our mutual awareness ... but at the same time i can feel it becoming just as irritating as a person mirroring your responses back to you.  Sorry for the nauseous qualia .

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