a stinky Mark fart

source: my reaction

Wow!!   such a hostile mean spirited and "" angry decay of us. 

Thank Creation all we humans don't have such attitudes.  ... maybe it is just something you ate or maybe just a fleeting meme from yesteryear ... but just like any gaseous metabol know this too will soon pass.



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Seth says
M 2015-10-16 08:08:26 18932
seth 2015-10-16 08:06:33 18932
did i need to coin a word that perhaps already exists but perhaps does not ... "google metabol
Yep, invent one for the qualia of deleting another's post on your item. The fart is yours!

Well i wipe the shit off of my ass after i take a shit ... and i scrape it off of my face too when somebody reaches i there pants and grabs the biggest turd they can find and wipes it on one of my thoughts.  Get over it Dude
... or maybe just don't wipe your evil negative shit in my face.

Seth says
anyway i would define "metabol" as a product of metabolism ... in the case of a fart that would be a waist product.  notice it is waist to the being who did the metabolism because being is not going to use it for any purpose, but it is not necessarily waste to the universe at large.  notice in the case of Mrak's fart here, how when such waste materials are retained in the organism which produces it, they gum up those works ... hence it is healthy to blow it out one's ass and not let it just fester where it is produced.

Bozos Bollus says
Bozos Bollus has been sired here & it is not pretty. (;-0

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