The should invent a new service - similar to Google - which supplies interesting valid & invalid answers to loosely fitting ontological questions in word salad & word soup format.
  • [Bozo(nothing): item 17568] yields sayings & opinions about nothing.
  • [Bozo((infinite nothing) not read: item 18976] yields links to things Bozo has not read.
  • [Boxo(prepositions): item 17568] yields preposition salad along with miscellaneous misunderstandings - deleting anything mark says.
  • try any query subjects you choose there is probably one that Bozo is enlightened on because he has all his own answers.


  1. mark decomposes language
  2. answers
  3. word soup finder
  4. word salad finder
  5. bozo rwg
  6. markmock


klunk says
seth 2015-10-27 17:28:27 18980
klunk 2015-10-27 17:13:17 18980
seth 2015-10-27 17:11:01 18980
incidentally, what do you expect from saying what sounds like "I have a great insight into how what you are saying is EXAGGERATED IMPORTANCE OF INFINITE NOTHING" ? 
If I were you I would take a second look & probably agree!

well a wallaby is a terrible thing to waste ... i suppose if you ever see it as something independent of my bozometry, you will express it. 

anyway, a wise man once said, with the infinite wisdom of an exaggerated importance, "intention is story - full of sound and fury

klunk says
seth 2015-10-27 16:54:45 18980
klunk 2015-10-27 16:33:17 18980
seth 2015-10-27 16:23:22 18980
klunk 2015-10-27 15:56:33 18980
seth 2015-10-27 14:20:11 18980

it is easier to mock, than to comprehend ...

absorption being such a bitch.
Yep, that's why I made this about your mocking things yhou have not read or read thoroughly!

Mark, i did not like that "PR nothing thinking" stuff the first time i read it, for reasons already published here and elsewhere ... yes, in this case it is far easier for me to walk away from it, than to absorb it. 

What? you thought you had cornered the market on not absorbing 
You haven't even absorbed what the RWG is all about in the zen context except to make it wrong & now make this item wrong. 
The term "EXAGGERATED IMPORTANCE OF INFINITE NOTHING" pins a bunch of ontological ideas up against each other which are impossible to imagine or even grasp - I found it amusing - too bad all you did with it is find it insulting - go RWG & continue building that selfie.

strange i don't remember your EIOIN being so insulting as just being oogiey, negative,   depressing and useless to contemplate ... more so i suppose if it was about anything i said.  seems to me that if it actually "pined a bunch of ontological ideas up" you would be enthused to say more about it ... but instead you opted to play a rwg based guessing game.  too bad, it had a hint of un-expressed mystery and insight were it to be isolated from that.  seems to me it was going quite beyond what PR was saying.
Yep, RWGdiggity do do do...

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