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Seth says
There is a variation of this #meme that i do.  It goes like this.  “What i actually do feels right … it feels better than what i intended to do”.  That is not actually it, but seems the closest i can come to describing it in English right now.  This is not an intellectual gestalt … it is a qualia that i experience somtimes when i do something.  More frequently it comes more after the fact … then it maybe could be expressed in English as, “what i did was perfect … even though i didnt figure it out and intend to do it that way”.  

null maybe tag it #cantIntendThisWow … #cantIntendThisWow

Si says
Absolutely! I experience that exact thing!  But it is more exciting to me right now to finish something else than to explain how that is an aspect of LOA … which you would rather figure out your own way anyway!  

Seth says
anyways maybe i will say this after all, to record it for my own train of thought … and not to effect anybody elseโ€™s … so thinking out loud … and probably best others don’t try to understand … or grock at your own risk if you can ...

Hicks and Navigator have identified some #LOA memes or what i like to call #sliderswitche’s … they are beliefs or assumptions that one sets somewhere on a spectrum

For examplle the #sesnseMirror … me, there is no way i would ever set mine at 100% reflection of self … but depending on where i would place the #insideOutside #sliderSwitch i might #swim this way or that.   This also relates to #energy but that is a whole big story i wont get into here.

Then too there is the other #LOAeMeme … the fixed nexus meets #MultiVerse …  the one right path for each individual … the railroad path ahead (sorry cannot find that in google images yet, maybe i have it wrong, although i remember it, but it almost follows from the one in the body of this thought) … and that relates to my qualia descibed in thought 18986%252359470 … just how is the questions at hand.

Then there is the #thoughtPreceedsDseed meme that nathan seems so keen on … perhaps a #sliderswitches that nathan has somwhere to which mine does not go … because that it keeps going #tilt .  Practical Thought for me is like making a recipe … some deeds must preceed others … collect engredients, mix them, bake them … one cannot change the sequence and end up with a cake.  more on that as it comes out of the #cosmicOooze as mark would put it.   Then too thoughts and deeds are both what i do … they emerge the same way from my being … they are just in different dimensions … the former exclusively inside with consequences only to me (← that is where my #sliderswitch is set) … the latter subject to the circumstances beyond my control. 

fun working on this as the ckeditor changes under me nullnull ...the last hastag above woked.

Si says

one cannot change the sequence and end up with a cake

If one believes that, then one cannot. But if one believes they can they can think 100% congruently about eating a cake and then a cake will be there that they can eat, it will be there. Circumstances will align to that 100% congruent thought and belief and they and a cake will be in the same space, one way or another … 100% of the time if the thought congruency is 100%.

Now making a cake is an entirely different experience from having a cake to eat. If making a cake is the experience you want, then you must have in your thoughts the steps and follow them, for that IS the experience you are wanting … and those steps will happen if you are 100% congruent in thinking the steps of the experience … and perhaps there will be some missteps along the way, like spilling the cake batter, if that is where your thoughts are more congruently aligned.  

Whatever you actually believe, it is so. Whatever you think about congruently, will be your experience, will happen. You don’t necessarily believe that, and so it is … but for someone else who does believe this, it will also be so, it will be their experience.  

Seth says
you are talking here of an entirely different aspect (or slider switch) of #LOA than the one i was refering to.  i don’t want to mix them up.

i am talking about necessary precedence … the order in which things must happen if they are to  happen at all.  for example,  to make a cake, you must have the engredients before you mix them, and you must mix them before you bake them.    and for example, you can not count by adding one up to 5, unless you count to 4 first.  Oh sure there are always alternatives ways to doing things … i could have counted backward from 6 … but once on that sequence precedance must be followed … untill alternatives are created. 

Both deed … and … practical effective thought work the same way in regards to “necessary precedence”.  My question from a broader perscective … is how necessary precedence works for thought and deed happening together.   you seem to imply that thought preceeds deed.   … But my experience … especially with the qualia i experessed in thought 18986%252359470 … and even perhaps with the #LOA meme at which i waved, …. suggests otherwise. 

And specifically, if walking the right path was going to happen regardless, then the thought about it was not what caused it to happen … though it might effect how it felt at the time.

also my (perhaps new term) “necessary precedence” refers to before/after and not necessarily importance.   we are talking time here … which obviously must be relative or subjective … and not clock time.  so i think this relates directly to #MultiVerse’s in that regard. 

iโ€™m wondering now if you are going to say that #necessaryPrecedence  is a #sliderswitch you can set to 0%?

Si says
Thought precedes happening. Deed is simply a circumstance you do. Beliefs determine the actual experience you have based on your thoughts. I have never said things happen anyway. I don’t believe in pre-destiny, though if I were to believe in it, then I would experience it, for it is available as a valid experience just as any other that is believed. I very simply believe that my thoughts que up what I will experience. Nothing more complicated than that.

To have the #experience of baking a cake, then one must que up and experience the steps of baking a cake. However, the steps you believe to be necessary are the ones that you will have to experience. Someone somewhere else may have quite different beliefs about the necessary steps … and those will have to be queued up and experienced, to have the “baking a cake” experience.

This is what I believe, and so, this is what I mostly experience. And this is why I say that this is the way things are … because I can experience it. If things were not this way, then what I believe would not be what I experience, and what you believe would not be what you are experiencing differently, and I wouldn’t be able to notice and talk about the difference so clearly.  

Sure, every stick has two ends, every thought has it’s opposite. Thus anything one can think about, and any belief about something, can be a slider. I don’t disagree with that at all … but it is so general, in general, that I don’t see it’s immediate use. It’s just saying that every belief is a slider … what is useful in that understanding is that beliefs are mutable … and perhaps, like Bandlers super console in his mind palace, a practical way to model changing the modalities of beliefs for those who have an affinity for that kind of mental visualization.  

Si says
With your #cantIntendThisWow you seem to be yet again attempting to contain the LOA multi-verse ideas by lassoing them with the idea that “you can’t be creating your experience with your thoughts because you experience things that wow and surprise you”.

But that one is so simple. The thought “I want to be wow’ed and surprised” is as valid a thought as any other … and many people would even say they desire it … so then, that will be what you have “created with your thought” and be the experience you have. In fact, the idea that your thoughts create your experience are more valididated because you can desire to be wowed and awed and surprise and it does happen.  

In a model where something else, other than your thoughts Seth, were creating your experience, then wouldn’t it be much harder, for you personally, to be wowed and awed and surprised quite often and in exactly the way that works so well to wow and awe and suprise you? And the same for others even though they are wowed and awed and surprised by different circumstances and different things than you are? In a model where it is your thoughts that are creating … then individualized wow and awe and surprise would be quite easy and natural. In a model where some outside force is doing this, then it should be much more random for people to be wowed and awed and surprised than it appears to be.

Seth says
Well we seem to agree on your last paragraph … especially that the use of the #sliderswitch metaphor is that people realize that they can set it themselves and that it does effect how they experience.  The switch just gives the degree of belief.  Those are the kind of things that one feels in their bones. 

Such beliefs can be represented in thoughts … but those thoughts themselves are mere indirect representations regardless of what media or language in which they are encoded.   The encoding or the thiniking of the thought can enhance the belief … can resonate it …  but it is not the belief.  It is the belief itself, the setting of the  #sliderswitch,  which controls (or creates) experience. 

I think the paragraphs above your last mean that you have your #thingsHappen switch set to 0%.   And your #thereIsOnlyMyExperience slider set to 100%.

Si says

Si says
I don’t have them set there, would not even want them set like that … but I understand that they are sliders and even that would be a valid setting … thus I know that it is my story and don’t have to get my rainbow panties in a twist when it is not going how I want it to … I can, from that point forward, write it quite differently, any way I choose, and circumstances will sync up with the new story exactly as fast as my core beliefs allow. Some would call that magic, but really it is the simple condition of being physically focused into a verse. Those who call it magic are just focused more specifically, with more structured beliefs about circumstances, that’s all.  

Seth says
well in your sentence “thus I know that it is my story and don’t have to get my rainbow panties in a twist when it is not going how I want it to”  … your term “it not going” comes, me thinks, from some manner of your #thingsHappen switch being set above 0% null

what you do in response, is what most people call using the #scientificMethod … you change your theory (stroy) to make what you actually experience sync up with what is happening … no #rainbowPantiesInaTwist necessary.   What’s the difference exclusive of pride in your magic?

Si says
I have lost you there. Maybe the difference is “predictability”, but I am not sure because I am not exactly following.

The experience of noticing dissonance between what I desire to be happening, and the circumstance I am noticing around me, and then doing very specific things that change my story, and then seeing new circumstances come in and become active in my experience that would not have been possible in the old story structure that I deliberately changed away from, is a very very exact and repeatable experience that I have been through many hundreds of times now. It is not an experience I ever had before I had this knowledge that tells me that I create my experience with my thoughts and exactly how to modulate that creation, and is not the kind of experience I see people having using the scientific method. That is specifically what I am talking about … and I am not sure how it relates to what you are saying.

Seth says
#hmmm … well yes certainly “predictability” is involved.   i think you would need to drill down into specific instances of you experiences … and compare them with actual  instances where the #scientificMethod was used … to  see if there is any difference in kind. 

For the #scientificMethod end, take for example the dissonance that was experienced in  astronomy early in the 20th century concerning the predictability of the precession of the perihelion of Mercury.   Eeinstein made a very specific change to the story.  Then other circumstances entered our experience which would not have been experienced without that change in the story.  

I intentionally described the specific cultural experience  using several of the same terms you used to describe generally happens in your experience.     I don’t see any essential difference of kind. 

Si says
I have already said that the scientific method is one way of co-creating a story by providing a specific framework for participants to synchronize the elements of the story. But people who use the scientific method don’t see it this way. They see it as if they are uncovering some pre-existing story. We had some agreement about this already … so I don’t know why you are bringing it back in.

Because in any case, it doesn’t matter. I do very specific things. Those specific things change the circumstances of my story in very predictable and repeatable ways. This is totally independent of any circumstance in effect at that moment, or idea held by any other about circumstances at that moment. It is very clearly “my thoughts creating my reality” … no matter what the scientific method is doesn’t have anything to do with this.  … and yes, scientists change the story we are all co-living all the time … because “they” can change stories being experienced with thoughts, and we believe in the changes scientists make because we agree to trust in science. We “believe” in it … or at least, the majority does. I don’t, because I know it is all just my story I am making up and see how it is agreement as much, or as little, as I want it to be, in that moment, with science. Other people just think science is bullshit and have experiences born out of that belief, etc … sects of true witches for instance, witches who truly believe in their craft and it’s ability to create their story. Those true witches have very different life experiences than the majority who believe in science and thus use science to generate their co-created story.

Your own father #GW had many experiences outside the realm of science. He believed in math, not science per se, and thus he “created” the things he supposedly discovered about common reality in the realm of math … and synchronized his creations with the norm of thought of his time … well, to some degree anyway … a lot of his stuff has little to do with the majority of peoples experiences, it is just theoretical information he created for the common pool that may or may not have a use beyond his own creation of ideas … so it can be easily overturned, invalidated, or replaced by other thinkers who come along and provide alternative creations that actually get used by the majority in this particular timeline creation.

Seth says
well i am not disagreeing with you at all.  i brought science up because you are doing the same thing as science is doing which is creating a reality … the same for witches, GW, RS, Trump, etc.  the only difference is where you guys put you identity sensual membrane,  how porus and reflective you have them,  and how much control you have given yourself. 

i doubt it has much to do with majority or number of people … rather it is how effective is the barrier between the inside and outside of the group.   it is hard to live in the modern world and not absorb its beliefs … but sure, you yourself have proved that your settings on your belief switches are possible. 

Si says

Seth says
i think the slider switch model explains it better.   thing is there is another slider switch here.  
experience ↔ happens
you seem to have yours set all the way to the left.   setting it more to the right will get you more surprises. 

Si says
I don’t see one there. What I experience and what happens are the same, for me. For some other what they experience and what happens is the same, for them. There is no other place I know of where a difference can exist for a slider.

Surprise simply has to do with how much you want it, that’s all. It’s an attribute of experience you can create and attract, like any other. That’s different than a slider.

Seth says
well yes, that is the way it appears when the switch is set all the way to the left null … you can’t even see the switch.

Si says
There is no slider in that area Seth. Your mixing apples and oranges to try and model everything with sliders. They have their modeling use … but not everything models as a slider.

Seth says
i didn’t say “everything models as a slider” …. rather that firmly held beliefs affect experience and behavior just according to what they are … and how unwavering they are.   ← i do believe that we agree on that … right?

So you don’t want to ackowledge that there is a difference between your experience and what happens.   But the fact is that i see that difference quite clearly.  That difference between us must be accounted for by a difference in our beliefs.  

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