a man invades a stags space

this so reminds me of a moment in my life ... maybe some day i will tell it.


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Seth says
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Was it near the Nepenthe?

nope.  its not anything that you will possibly imagine as you know not of it at all.  it is a strange thing to admit to doing,  not something one would expect of me ... which is why i have never told anybody ... there just did not seem to be a point in telling the story.  but the similarity to it in this video is so striking that now i may (or may not) tell it.
I seem to have now a 2nd chance to use the word enigmatic this AM. Why make it public?

Well the intensity of the experience means that it was not enigmatic to me ...it was quite an experience.   The point of telling it publicly would be to make it also not enigmatic to others.  Now that i have this illustration, er dramatization, i might just be able to do that.

Seth says
source: mark

could tune up the picture so that we can see what is going on close up
... its a viedo, not a picture.  the video tells the whole story ... the picture does not.