the science of happiness: why complaining is literally killing you.

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Science proves - thoughts change physical reality in ways that will literally blow your mind!


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Seth says
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choy 2015-11-13 10:22:09 19032
Complaining is one thing which abdicates, usually, one's own ability to take charge of one's own life. Not agreeing with another is something else. Check this out there have been many discussions on the mind-body connection since my NLP certification.
the mind-body connection has been explored a lot
BTW I complain very little. I tend (NLP wise) to be a matcher rather than a miss-matcher except for some strange reason the teeter-totter works differently with you.

It is not hard to find things to miss-match in the politics of the day right now.

agree with all of that ... even the peculiar relationship we seem to have

IamanI says the link didn't work above.

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