Choy, what is the URL of CFR's document, that was posted in the item that you recently privatized?  I am trying to find what CFR said at the bottom of it, and so far i cannot find it.


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Seth says
choy 2015-11-26 08:00:21 19078
What was the subject & what did you think it said?

it was one of your postings about a hex that you perhaps threw ... one of the ones that you normally keep private ... but this one you perhaps didn't keep private and i commented on it, so you then privitized it.  You should easily be able to find it in your choy group as the last item that i commented on.

I don't even know if that CFR's document is the one i am looking for ... but since i have checked all the other ones for the past month that flowed here with no success, it may well be there.  

The passage was on the bottom of the document ... CFR's parting advise as it were.   I interpreted it as having to do with unintended consequences ... as intending something and then getting something else and then (perhaps) accepting what you did  get  ... but i doubt that you would remember it as such.

Seth says
to clarify:  it is the last private item in group choy which has one of my comments on it.  what i am after is all of the CFR's documents refereed to in that item.

Seth says
choy 2015-11-26 17:31:03 19078
seth 2015-11-26 17:25:33 19078
choy 2015-11-26 17:15:08 19078
seth 2015-11-26 16:56:07 19078
source: mark

Yep privatized because you started to argue!
Yes i know, you alreay said so in so many different ways and places. 

Could you please just list the URLs to the jpg scans of CFR's documents that were refereed to in that item?
I unprivatized them - read & vance.

ok, thanks.   it wasn't there either ... must have been something i was reading over at your webbrain site provoked by that item. 
No clue what the idea was about? If you could summarize some of your position you are trying to grasp, maybe I could find it. I typed all the summaries myself.

i expressed it from my point of view here - bold blue at top, also connected here via tags.   its not really important now ... just a case where my interpertation of CFR was echoed in my own gestalt.   i doubt that you would remember it the same or would interp his words to be anything even remotely related to my representation. 

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