Awareness is Relative to Mind

This really should be a no shit Shurlock proposition , common knowledge really, a simple platitude, not controversial at all ... but we will see.

A belief can be relative to some other belief.   Let me give you an example:  suppose you are in a stationary car and the car beside you starts backing up.   The belief that the car beside you is backing up is relative to the belief that you are stationary. 

I doubt that many people have realized that mind works so frequently that way.

More examples that may need to be examined:


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Seth says
Choy 2015-12-08 10:21:44 19123
seth 2015-12-08 10:00:55 19123
seth 2015-12-08 09:59:33 19123
this item has nothing to do with your use of [tag munge] ... nor does it belong in a train of thought that is so named.   please remove your tagging, or justify the association that it makes.

you even spelled it wrong
Mind is one thingy, awareness is another touching mind & not mind (body for example) & consciousness is yet a third.

well yes totally,  mind can well be distinguished from awareness. 

but sorry, i have yet to find anything happening that would distinguish between what i think of as awareness and what i think of as consciousness.  now bear in mind that "consciousness" is just a natural language word and anybody can play with it just as they will and consequently it will mean different things to different people. 
Maybe munge is what you really are doing or in another language you are collapsing meaning & destroying distinction.
... hmmm ... strangely enough that gives an example of what the title of this item is asserting. 

But we all do it.  I  am doing it here, relative to my mind,  in plain English with no special meanings that cannot be gleaned by reading the literature of the day.   But perhaps,  my distinctions are not your distinctions ... what i say here is relative to my distinctions ... not yours.  That they hit you as something that you seem to insult with your word "mung" and think that i am destroying distinction ... is just something in your mind.   Now, i truly wonder if you understand that ... do you?

Seth says
source: mark

Kinda depends upon whose is closed & whose is opened and how strong the egoo quicksand holds them.

... yeah i suppose if ego is involved, the stronger that one protects their ego, the less they can sync with an ego which is contradicting.  

But i am saying that it is not just where protection of ego is involved.  All new propositions  impinge relative to the beliefs already held in one's mind.  Like i said, the idea is one of those ridiculously simple and obviously true platitudes.  It is notable only by how frequently it happens ... and how frequently we become oblivious to its happening.  I mean it is so very fun to recognize it  ... to almost feel that were I to believe X then i would feel exactly as the person speaking.

Seth says
Choy 2015-12-10 00:09:31 19123
seth 2015-12-09 20:34:30 19123
source: mark

Here is how much my ego is involved - I would not mind if this item went dark real fast. I wouldn't mind if it completely disappeared like some of those apps that send messages & then it disappears once it is read like AfterSchool & Instagram or iphone expiring messages.

... huh? 

how is that at all related to the proposition that "Awareness is Relative to Mind" ?
I have noticed that unless I repeat what you said back to you it is always unrelated in your mind. Anyway do what you want. It's all word soup to me.  Strangely enough consciousness is not just how you play a word game with yourself or pretend to others the way you grok it is the final word on the subject; & it certainly is not how well you can argue about it.
& I don't need fbi to grok it either.

Well it should not come as a surprise to anyone that Bozo's mind has as many foibles as their own.  I do try to focus on the topic at hand here ... as well as allowing for interesting explorations along the way. 

But i assure you that my blog is not all just about you.  And it is not even all just about myself ... modern memes to the contrary notwithstanding ... so don't get fooled when I  use myself as an example ... I do that  because it is the only way for me to write true sentences ... it keeps me honest.  You using me as an example will never have the same effect. 

I think that when you detect "word soup" in your reading here, you should assume that your mind is simply going too fast in another direction to grock their meaning to me.   Even so, should you be willing, there are obvious ways for our spaceships to dock ... asking unloaded questions eg ...

... but is not even a problem that we whiz past each other in the night.    You don't even need to tell me ... i can see you speed bye. 

Seth says
source: mark

Perhaps, maybe & not so much.  Maybe & maybe not I may agree or not but I will comment anyway. The less you get out of what I say the more you are missing something you do not have.  Maybe you don't want it. Maybe some egoo is in the way - tsk tsk... not my loss. I like distinctions rather than munges. The old seminar example is that Eskimos have 15 distinctions for snow (including yellow snow) where we have maybe a couple probably applies here.

Why do you seem to have a belief that i have a complaint with having distinctions?   I believe distinctions are essential ... they are what makes our minds work. 

What you are saying seems to be relative to some belief you have, that my distinctions are wrong in relation to your own.  We might be able to understand each other better if you would tell me specifically which distinctions i am making (or not making) that conflict with your own.  In this context here which specify distinctions (or non distinctions) vary from your own?

Outside of that specific answer, all i can hear, is your firm belief that i am wrong, relative to your belief that you are right. 

Seth says
Choy 2015-12-09 15:03:24 19123
P.S. Awareness seems to take an object while consciousness doesn't necessarily need one.

Ok ... yes you are distinguishing between awareness and consciousness ... I do not.   So what we believe about other stuff in that context will be relative to those distinctions or lack thereof. 

But we can ignore that in the context of this particular item, because my thesis here is that "awareness is relative to mind" just as i described in the body of the item.   Since we both seem to know what it means to be aware of something, and would probaly agree on most examples, we can isolate that from the matter of the awareness/consciousness distinction.

Seth says
strangely enough i think knowledge of this relativity between beliefs is useful.   I know i will need a good example to convince you of its usefulness.  The RWG example that popped out above might suffice, but since we seem to be so close and subjective to that one, it might be hard to see.   I'm looking for a neutral example ... more like the auto backing up ... but one where we are just dealing with beliefs which cannot be sensed to be verified.  i've just noticed that if you hold one such belief fixed, then the other must vary, but if you hold the other fixed, then the first one becomes variable.  Just a fun little thingey we can do with the power of an open mind. 

Seth says

I must admit that i am quite proud of my last response to Mark  .  It is simultaneously a example of how "Awareness is Relative to Mind" and how that seems to be forgotten in interactions even between people who love each other.   Incidentally i think Ester has a similar meme. 

Note:  when i say "relative" i am speaking in the very same way that relationship is used in Einstein's special relativity. 
I should put that in the body of this item here just as soon as i can make it flow there .

Many times Mark teases me out to express the things that are on my mind ... this is such a case.  And for that i am grateful, Mark  ... notwithstanding that you almost always seem irritated by my bozometry even to the point of wishing me away

Seth says

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