Do the vibrational work first ~ Abraham

This is how the whole project should feel.

1. Set up a parallel development server. (node and git are now installed globally ... did that last night)

2. Make a dictionary of PHP functions to represent each possible flow of data into or out of the database translating the results to or from json objects. These functions will be called by page templates and as needed by AJAX requests.

3. Make FULL featured page templates using Bootstrap objects and classes for each discrete screen type. I will probably write these in Markdown because it will be about 10 times faster for me and have no HTML errors. The Markdown will compile into actual HTML templates that the PHP will serve. If you maintain the markdown in the future that would be a plus and ultimately easier for you once you learn it, but is not necessary as the compiled HTML will stand on it's own. This is my way of feeling like I can actually do this project at cost by using more efficient and less error prone technology.

4. Rework work flow, buttons, etc to match up with modern standards and conventions and those ideas brainstormed elsewhere in these papers.

5. Have hellava lotta fun tweaking the templates to see how things actually work best and can be made really cool. This will now be fun because one will only have to play with a little markdown or html or an isolated query in order to get entirely different results to appear. The days of carefully balancing <?php ?> tags to switch in and out page parts will be gone. Instead, just write some text, add a few classes, tie it to a data context, and it's all good and working. Yay!


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Seth says

nathan 2015-12-08 11:28:58 19135

seth 2015-12-08 11:15:55 19135
i kind of assume that you will need my help in finding and identifying what you call "work flows in and out of the database" ... huh? 

I will probably have a few questions related to your data fields and their intended use, but otherwise an SQL query is pretty much just an SQL query and finding any buried in PHP code isn't that hard if I need to reference existing ones. I can just do regex searches on the source code in the IDE.

**However** ... I think I will have you spring for at least a month (at $6/mo) of paid use at ... that's what I use for all my development, unusually the free version, but by paying we can do real time editing collaboration on all the source code files in a full web based development IDE. Not sure yet if we will have to pay for 2 accounts or just one. Probably 2, but $12 is nothing for how much it will speed up workflow. After you visit my bank, that's the next thing on your list. <wink>

might be better for me to just pay for whatever cloud accounts you need with our amex business card for the duration of your dev work here.  still need your account names and numbers via separate channels. 

i'm glad that i wont be slowing you down on the SQL stuff, yes it is easy to find, but i am buried in talking chotskies here and wouldn't be able to get  to that very soon enough.

Seth says

wow ... didn't know you were that far along ... another pleasant surprise 


Mark de LA says
What was the name of the app that d'A created for LOA type stuff that looked similar to the brain?

Seth says
Choy 2015-12-08 11:28:22 19135
nathan 2015-12-08 11:11:58 19135
Choy 2015-12-08 11:08:37 19135
I guess if you know what you don't want then you know what you do want - eh? (Esther).
Well, the whole treatment above, except the teeny PHP example, is only about what is wanted, and that was the goal. Where are you coming from on this?
There seems to be a lack of vision that would inspire warm & happy feelings, fun, excitement etc. Mostly work. The way TheBrain works makes me inspired to do more with it & expand capabilities even to AI directions. I can always find fun in anything - I still seek direction toward something if even just a bunch of feelings when I get there & on the journey.  

strangely enough how TheBrain works might well be involved here ... i'll leave that to nathan to talk about.

Mark de LA says
Choy 2015-12-08 15:00:18 19135
What was the name of the app that d'A created for LOA type stuff that looked similar to the brain?

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