Trump on closing parts of the internet

source: me on facebook

When i originally read this i though it was a spoof ...

but shucks the video seems like it is in his own voice... hard to spoof that.

If this is true ... if he really is talking this way ... well then, ladies and gentlemen of America ... do we still not know what this monster is doing?

... to believe he said that i think i need to find it at other websites: second sourced here

source: Trump

We have to talk to them about, maybe in certain areas, closing that internet up in some ways. Somebody will say, 'Oh freedom of speech, freedom of speech.' These are foolish people.



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Si says
Beautiful. I love it!
Isn't it wonderful to have someone stand up and be an example for all like minded folk so they can gather around and see that they are not alone?

Si says
Choy 2015-12-09 14:28:28 19137
Maybe this is what you are looking for: Darth Trump

Someone is clueless  coolfrownyes

Seth says
Choy 2015-12-09 16:35:45 19137
Choy 2015-12-09 14:40:51 19137
FYI, Some other countries shutdown their internet during Arab Spring - see Wikipedia here. China practices censorship too.

Some even missed this goodie.  It is not a new, Trump idea.

didn't miss it ... saw it go bye ....

but it was one of those comparison thingies that i usually try to factor out of my thinking.   so that relative to some countries  shutting down the internet, what Trump is saying is not so very bad.  i presume that is suppose to make me feel better about what he said ... it do not.

incidentally, for me, it is not so much politicians manipulating the internet ... as it was Trump mocking what people would say about violation of free speech.  Apparently at his coar he does not hold that as a fixed value ... he lumps it in with liberal political correctness ... something that is just foolish.   So if you hold with Trump's view ... if that is your value ... relative to that it is foolish to even think of protecting free speech.  Listen to the little sound byte in the video ... maybe you will grock what i am saying.  Relative to my mind it made the hair on the back of my nect stand straight up.  Could you let me know (independent of my words here -- not relative to them at all) how it strikes you?

Seth says
a interesting note about curating these kind of threaded quoted comments. 

I would have left Mark's last insult (now deleted), and just ignored it, ... but  he had re-framed my own last comment diminishing it within his  ...

forcing me to:  1) delete his, or (2) accept it and delete my own, or (3) leave redundant shit behind, or (4) continue the distasteful vibration.

Or maybe he actually did want me to kiss his ass  ...

Seth says
source: mark
You took it and traveled right into the septic tank.  Nice going.

I don't know what you mean, Mark ....

but whatever  ... maybe is best to keep shit content-free,  literal, and surfacey.

We can just vibrate ourselves between pride & insults.

wait, wait ... there is a word for that ... you Trumped me

Mark de LA says
nathan 2015-12-09 15:02:55 19137
Choy 2015-12-09 14:28:28 19137
Maybe this is what you are looking for: Darth Trump

Someone is clueless
Must be a bozo. Still thinks I'm a trumpee cuz he's an Obamazombee.

Seth says
nathan 2015-12-09 14:17:57 19137
Beautiful. I love it!

Isn't it wonderful to have someone stand up and be an example for all like minded folk so they can gather around and see that they are not alone?

yeah the scary part is how many Americans are really tripping on his vibration.  LOA in action ... birds of a feather flocking together.  if that continues then he will be our next president. 

Me, i am hoping by him saying "people who stand for free speech are foolish", those people are suddenly going to realize that he is not the droid they sought.  

Oh well, we will just have to see ... whatever happens, will in fact happen, whether we like it in advance or not.  Me, i will go with it if it happens, because that is the way i am, but i refuse to like it coming at me .

Si says
Well don't you love how all those birds flocking together are now visible to all?
Before they were hidden in the masses. 

Mark de LA says
According to some polarization helps one figure out what they don't want & sometimes what they do want. (Esther)

Mark de LA says
Choy 2015-12-09 16:16:35 19137
nathan 2015-12-09 15:53:58 19137
Well don't you love how all those birds flocking together are now visible to all?
Before they were hidden in the masses. 
Still are.
The illusion of the social media & the Internet is that some people think like you & some the opposite way. Some also get the feeling that they are not alone. Some don't.

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