testing about

About: 401 authorization required

  • looks like old editor for a new item


  1. ie test


Mark de LA says

error on pointer to fastblogit.com/choy which header is not private

Mark de LA says
Erronious URL submitted: I hope you know what you are doing, because i sure as hell don't upon searching for the word test.  I presumed enter was all that triggers the search.

Seth says

i thiknk this prob will just go away when everythjing is on the same server with no authentication
note the url itself is just fine, but the server could not get the titel automatically

Mark de LA says
title search for tag yields error

Si says
Tag search works. Tag or title search does not. Said that the other day. Fixing it is way behind more prominent features. That's why this is the *dev* server. smiley