Our hook into a traditional web presentation

Note the “[] as header” option when editing any item.  That works well for just a person’s group header … try it … you may like it.  Maybe that option could evolve to read “Publish at ____ URL” … then it could be used as the hook between a traditional “fixed” web presentation page and our more “flexible” and dynamic evolving thought items. 

Obviously when a person clicks [Publish] a copy of their edited item appears at the designated URL. 

The hook to go back in the opposite direction is  a little recognizable gadget that appears (unobtrusively) at the bottom of the presentation screen.  It only appears to people authenticated to that group.   This is like a [edit ths page] that appears on many content producing applications.  It navigates an authenticated browser to the item in that group mind that represents the traditional web page he is seeing.  We need a catchy name and icon for it.   In a way it is part of what our group niche is selling.



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Seth says

found it .. made it public … now i got to copy it where it doth belong

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