Re-shuffeling things on the screens

new basic assumptions

  1. simple uncluttered screens
  2. horizontally there is only one column.
  3. vertically it contains
    1. the fixed tool bar, 
    2. a header (optional - may not appear on all screens),
    3.  content,
    4. we may add a trailer some day.
Given those assumptions ….
  1. i want to keep just the one search in the title bar and remove all other searches. 
  2. this will totally eliminate the double column screen and simplify the site – so don’t put anything new in that column – it goes away.
  3. the group room is the only place the group header shows. 
  4. the tag room header should be revised, see tag room header when it is written.
  5. the tool bar should be revised, see tool bar when it is written


  1. page design
  2. code changes


Seth says
nathan@fbi 2015-12-16 08:56:45 [item 19210#37623]
Bootstrap uses a grid design for page columns. This allows natural waterfall of grid blocks as the screen scales down to eventually the smallest mobile screen. The 12 column grid screen is part of the basic design of this site and I have been slowing migrating to it as I am able to switch from the depreciated table tags.

This design goes way beyond personal preference. Way beyond advertising areas on the page. Way beyond traditional newspaper styled pages. It also draws from readability studies on fonts and line spacing and the golden ratio between the number of words in a line and the height of the line and viewer preference studies and may other sources. The nice thing about using bootstrap is that you get all this great info from many studies and the knowledge of top website designers built in and available to you.

I know how to use these features and how to lay out pages to meet modern highly critical standards and how to create a presentation that will please the most people and draw them back. It’s not just about structure. There are thousands of things I consider when I make any change and finalize it. I’m considering things you probably never even knew and helping you have a beautiful and highly usable site.
seth@niche 2015-12-16 09:52:09 [item 19210#37637]
that is all fine and good … but my choice of one column was not based on the ability to have many columns

… but rather that i want people to focus on the content in the items and not get distracted by things to the left and the right.   if they want to change their focus, then we should provide easy places for them to click. 

this also allows us to use larger fonts in the content so what people are thinking about is clearly in their face and thy don’t need to squint to see it.    the content area on the screen should widen or narrow just according to how the browser has their window sized. 

i think it pretty much works that way now … er, well almost, it is a bit choppy.
nathan@fbi 2015-12-16 10:00:31 [item 19210#37638]
Those thoughts are a good start on considering highly readable page design. There are more things to consider beyond that too. Like the maximum width to font ratio for easy readability. Other things to consider is easy of getting to things … like controls, but without having those controls distract from reading. All of these things are going into the design … many, fortunately, built into bootstrap by top rated designers. Boot strap was designed by the people at Twitter did you know? And I have not yet put in everything I planned. Things come online as I am able to shift the old code along. :) 

Seth says
seth@fbi 2015-12-18 15:00:24 [item 19210#38020]

we still need to discuss the columan page layout.  apparently you have opted for a 2 column layout.  lots of wasted space at the moment.

nathan@fbi 2015-12-18 15:02:56 [item 19210#38022]
As I also said. Not done. Not even close actually. There is a bunch of tables being output by your code that I have to convert to proper scalable and floatable blocks before I can finish the layout. I agree about the wasted space. Things will continue to improve as I touch layout code. Did some today.  

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