tag room navigation

Tag room navigation should be simple and consistent and elegant.  The title is the path.

new note the blog owner or domain owner’s description in the header is optional … and most of the times will not be provided … and should not take up any space on the screen if it is not. 

(1) Group tag rooms …
shows item as tagged in this group only

<titel> Tag room   seth :  woods</title>

(2) domain tag rooms 
… shows all items as tagged in the whole domain

<titel> River Tag room :  woods</title

(3) Tag rooms in other domains like twitter and Facebook etc.  Each external tag room has it’s preferential grammar as shown in 18381.

  1. The group tag room has a place where any group member in that room can make an item that fills in the space allocated for the tag description.  (This would be an added feature.)
  2. The river tag room has a place where the domain wizzard can fill in the description of any item in that tag room. (This would be an added feature.)
  3. The navigation from the group tag room to its bigger room in the river is handheld (and styled) just like the navigation from the tag rooms to rooms in the larger web like twitter etc.  We don’t want to make those seem weird but flow naturally from our own rooms.  However the links external to the domain should open a new tab.
  4. If more than one tag is clicked on an item then the path is increased (as works now) eg:  seth : woods, images
  5. this can be an area above the content area, or
  6. … it can be an area to the left of the content area that does not scroll with the content (as you have now)
  7. … but these tag navigation cannot go away when the sccreen is sized smaller than minimum (as happens now)
There are 3 or 4 different kinds of seaches scattered around .. they should gain a certain coherance.  But my brain is tired … think about this in the morning.


  1. tag rooms
  2. page design


Si says
seth@fbi 2015-12-20 13:07:59 [item 19261#38369]
we need to redesign tag room pages … right now the info in the header is taking up way too much realestate on the screen.  
Yes. But it’s not just an esthetic issue. It is also a mobile verse tablet verses desktop issue. Right now it still works on all three ok. I’m still thinking about the best path to improve the space usage without making the switching between devices too complex.

Si says
Your designer is taking a whole lot more things into consideration than just what it looks like to you. And you probably don’t even want to know half of them. Just saying.  

Seth says
i’m talking about vertical space … the content … the items in the tag room … it why the browser came here … not just to navigate to something else.

outside of eliminating the “redundnat” header… think we could make two columns of the corresponding tag rooms at other sites.

then too the toggle from group to river is cool … love it heart … but needs more explanation on the button for newbies


Seth says
seth@fbi 2015-12-20 13:13:57 [item 19261#38372]
can we not eliminate this entirely?
nathan@fbi 2015-12-20 13:17:46 [item 19261#38374]
It is not recommend. It is a web standard. Part of your design is that this is just one of many “tag rooms”. I went and studied all the tag rooms you pointed to and more. And one thing they all have in common (those that were tag rooms, like wikipedia is not) is that they prominently display the tag name in a large area at the top like that. It’s a very good thing. I let’s people know “this is a tag room” and what the tag(s) are in this room. Without it, this room is confusing.
seth@fbi 2015-12-20 13:21:49 [item 19261#38375]
well im totally with you on “prominently displaying the tag name of the room in H1 or H2 at the top yes … but does not need to show on our screen here as an extra box with all of that extra space around it ...especially the verticalb space.
nathan@fbi 2015-12-20 13:27:56 [item 19261#38377]
Vertical space in pages is not evil. It is a designers best friend because it puts customers in the right mood and helps them flow better. It has traditionally been a programmers worst friend. But that’s why programmers don’t make good designers.

Bootstrap and all other GOOD and well accredited design packages have this space built in because it makes good sites. I have to actually override these designs in some places just to make things work here. Mash things up. But where we can, we should leave the well thought out visuals as they are. They are your friend and will help you grab and keep customers.  
seth@fbi 2015-12-20 13:31:08 [item 19261#38379]
not saying it is evil … am sying in this particular case i want to see more of the content i came into the room to see … not a splash of where i can go to another room … or a big splash about where i am … as i did know where i was going when i clicked from an item already.
nathan@fbi 2015-12-20 13:34:53 [item 19261#38381]
Noted. And then you may need two tag rooms. One people can come to from outside through following your externally published tag links, and one for some of the internal uses. It could be switched by detecting the referring url. 
i don’t see the need for a room to look any different from the outside than it looks from the inside here.   except of course, it may show different items, depending on the permissions of the interloper.   for example a guest from the web would not see any private items.   What are you thinking about here?

Si says
seth@fbi 2015-12-21 14:37:10 [item 19261#38596]
Kudos on tag room page design … i like it yes

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