Comment hiding plugin

Lost the original on this, may have only been a comment.

This feature

  1. Allows hiding any comment.
  2. Allows bulk showing, hiding, and un-hiding comments from the “cool” menu.
  3. Stores all data in the browser local database.

Due to item 3 this feature is not infinite (and probably never will be even when it can be stored in a server author profile). Hence it is now set to expire hiding of comments more than 30 days old. So if you see comments reappearing, that could be why, or you could just be on a new browser.  

This expire feature could actually be a good thing. By only being able to hide comments for 30 days, you get an opportunity to clean up you posts when comments reappear. You can clean them up by.
  1. Bulk hiding comments for that post from feeds by using the checkbox on the post edit screen.
  2. Move the post to the back room if it is no longer a focus item.
  3. Delete the post if it is out of use.
  4. Move the post to an archive group of your choice (feature coming Nickel Bank).
And always remember that the comments you are hiding is just your personal perspective. Others will still see those comments unless they hide them and new people will see all until they hide them. It still may be appropriate to bulk hide comments on a post with the editorial checkbox. Periodically “show hidden comments” in your river to see what would be appropriate.


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