why is the tool bar a different size than the content area?


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Seth says
seth@fbi 2015-12-20 14:02:54 [item 19289#38391]
incidentally, something that you prob already know, is that the mobile site works, but does not work because the icons are too small to press on the screen and the page needs to be manually resized to click on them.   i noticed that when i made Kung-ho Chinese Cousine in Factoria on my iPhone.

i also noticed that the picture upload from the iPhone worked too ...to my amazement … but then didnt work probably because the picture was too big and the upload just terminated and the picture did not get posted … untill i could come back to my laptop and do it the way i usually do it.
nathan@fbi 2015-12-20 14:05:58 [item 19289#38393]
Yes. I haven’t checked mobile since I have made quite a few changes. I have been using mobile design techniques so that when I am done I should be able to just fix a few css things for mobile to work good.

Si says
nathan@fbi 2015-12-20 23:40:39 [item 19289#38430]
Why not? It’s a toolbar.

But then, I don’t really know what you mean by just “toolbar”. The one at the bottom of a post? Or the one at the top of the page? Or the one for tags? Or the one for comments? Others? And do you mean width and height? Or font size? Or margins?

But anyway, it all looks pretty good to me, regardless.  
seth@fbi 2015-12-21 07:38:29 [item 19289#38447]
i’m just saying that this looks wierd to me …
to my eyes if the two boxes lined up to be the same width, it would look sleeker to me.  no biggie though, if you like it that way.
Things in this area are still in flux. I only just got rid of all the tables last night so that I can now truly play with the layout. Before it was only kludged into looking similar, but didn’t on mobile etc. It was not a full flow layout until now.

Other considerations that “can” come in are things like the nathan@fbi in the toolbar looks lonely at the moment, but I tested that space to be able to handle your maximum of 25 characters in the group name and the max author name without getting weird. There are other solutions, could put … if the name gets long etc. But that’s one thing to consider.

Another is that right now there are actually two nice columns on either side of the main content that could be used for all kinds of things, meta information, contextual tools, adverts, etc, and they can be page fixed or page scrolling.

Another is that the content area is now at it’s maximum recommended with for easy reading. This is the size that regular people and especially speed readers, find reading the most productive, they get the most out of it and get the least tired doing it. The column they are reading has a maximum ratio between the font size and words per line being used. This is a well tested subject and is why newspapers, magazines, and most other reading intensive media are columnar. Of course, we (especially me) would love to have contextual layouts and this one could only be the ideal one for blogging.  

But after reading all that stuff that twerks you, don’t forget that I started this out with “things in this area are still in flux”. I find that you often get lost and start twerking between the start of what I write and the end.  

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