Premium Accounts

Premium author accounts are a source of income for domain operators. 

A percentage flows up streame to developers.

Here are some potential premium services …

  1. personalized advatars
  2. ability to author in multiple groups
  3. larger file size uploads
  4. galleries for author’s uploaded pictures
  5. ability to write to the web
  6. pallets of gadetry
  7. buy/donation buttons for e-commerce
  8. meme maker
  9. live streaming – audio and/or video – direct from blog
  10. who is lookin at an item and the ablilty to chat them
  11. newsletter (group broadcasting)
  12. voice recognition and response
  13. ...
  14. perpetual persistent memory
  15. automatic reactions
  16. newplease add your favorite thing and exciting idea idea
  17. ...



  1. premium accounts
  2. income source
  3. premium features


Seth says
(bug?) woopse i though i had logged on to group niche yet this ended up in group fbi … now i have to move it where it is suppose to go.

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