Premium features

How about premium features? Let some features be by subscription or reward. Such as “live news notifications”. 

There could be lots more at different levels. Some simple features earned by doing things, such as contributing content.

Mostly these would be tied to the group level. A group could pay to get live news notifications for instance. Or contribute 30 posts of at least so many words in order to get access to some free nifty plugins … like an image editor for instance.


  1. premium features


Seth says
yes totally.   this could be one of our primary revinue stremes.

Si says
seth 2015-12-22 13:49:03 [item 19337#38792]
also see Premium Accounts which is in group fbi but should be here instead.

Si says
nathan@fbi 2015-12-22 13:54:49 [item 19337#38794]
Moving posts is approved on the feature lists. I was just getting current stuff working right as a priority so I can go away for a few days for Christmas. Not sure if we can move to live before that or not. I don’t think it is absolutely necessary now that you and Mark can actually do everything here.

Things like the group settings were cheap. Just a new modal dialog and a simple ajax receiver. Made it in about 15 minutes and needed it to test open vs closed groups and their permissions and interactions.
seth 2015-12-22 14:05:46 [item 19337#38795]
your right … no rush to implement … you time it smiley

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