Feature: Title rooms now use the same query as title box searches.

This means you can type Sex and get all titles related to sex. You can also press enter in the search box and go to that room.

There are no more exact match title rooms. Doesn’t seem like that is a problem to me though, because that is such a limited corner case and I could never get it to work because I could never get the titles exact. But if anyone want’s that, should have it’s own syntax … invent one.  

Obviously though, the more words you put in the more exact the match will be. Just that rearranged words will still give more than one of that title. Kind of nice for people who don’t exactly remember a title.


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Si says
nathan@niche 2015-12-24 06:45:37 [item 19366#39038]
Maybe it doesn’t work in Firefox. I am on Luke’s laptop. Don’t have Firefox to test with.
seth 2015-12-24 06:49:04 [item 19366#39039]
well all my other browsers are infected or something … can’t test now … but it definitely does not work … picture above proves it … that search should yield a room with about 30 items in it … but the room was empty.

incidentally i think we just discovered kind of room … a search room … me thinks these rooms shoud have their own kind of url .. just like google search rooms
nathan@niche 2015-12-24 06:51:11 [item 19366#39041]
I won’t say “that’s what I have been saying”. Oh, I did. I won’t say it again.  
nathan@fbi 2015-12-24 06:54:14 [item 19366#39043]
Speaking of a picture telling a 1000 words. In that picture, you have “tag” selected, not “title”. Does it work with “title”?
seth 2015-12-24 06:55:59 [item 19366#39044]
yes it works just fine with title selected smiley … Kudos again thumbs up

Si says
seth 2015-12-24 06:30:02 [item 19366#39030]

does now work yet with tag searches
nathan@niche 2015-12-24 06:36:33 [item 19366#39032]
Yes, it works, just tried it  Did you mean it does or doesn’t work? You said it weird.
seth 2015-12-24 06:40:26 [item 19366#39033]
sorry i meant it does not work on tag searches. 

the picture shows it not working … select tag and type aware … return should yield a room with all item that are tagged with “aware” somewhere in some tag … but it yields a empty search room.
nathan@niche 2015-12-24 06:43:46 [item 19366#39035]
Works fine here. I see a title room with all the same titles as were in the dropdown list in the search box.
seth 2015-12-24 06:54:11 [item 19366#39042]
Note i am talking about clicking the “tag” option, not the title option.  No reason i know of for it not to work the same as if you click title.
nathan@fbi 2015-12-24 07:06:15 [item 19366#39047]
I’m going to assume we just zigged and zagged on this one. It all seems working right to me. Tag searches take you to tag room. Title searches take you to title rooms. sex takes you to a tag room. Sex takes you to a title room.
seth@fbi 2015-12-24 07:09:33 [item 19366#39048]
it works fine if you select title, type an argument, then hit return …  it goes to our new search rooms smiley

if you select tag, type an argument, then hit return … it goes to an empty search room sad
nathan@fbi 2015-12-24 07:42:06 [item 19366#39050]
Well, again. Not for me. I use that all the time to get to “nbugs” and have been using it this morning and it seems fine.
seth 2015-12-24 07:54:43 [item 19366#39055]
well i suppose it could be a browser issue.  i’ll try it here on chrome when i get tuit.

otherwise you are just not understanding what i am saying … notwistanding that i have said it quite precisely.  maybe there is some assumption you are making that prevents your getting it.
Okay, then what is “an argument”? I have no spec for that specifically. I have to assume.

Si says
seth@fbi 2015-12-24 08:06:18 [item 19366#39059]
ok i am in Chrome now.  It does not work the way i expect that it should.  

Watch ...

so hitting return shold yield a room with 7 item in it

yet …  the room is empty crying.

where as if i select the title search option ………..

i get a room with 3 items in it, as i expect.
Yes. That is by design. If you want a tag room with mobile. Type the whole word and hit return. Often even faster than the drop down appears. If you want one of the searches, click on it in the dropdown. This is the best way it should work for tag rooms because it gives you the different kinds of flexibilities that are needed to navigate quickly in different contexts. 

Otherwise you will be crusing along and type “nbugs” (or mobi) and end up in a room with way many more bugs than you thought you had. Not nice!

Si says
seth@fbi 2015-12-24 08:13:30 [item 19366#39062]
like i mentioned … yes this is something new that i am expecting … and will imporve your feature.

A user will expect that hitting return after any kind of search will put them in a “search room”.  We never have had search rooms here before … but you made them happen.  I am just saying be consistent with the results.   And give the search results their own URL so that it does not confuse with tag rooms.   Title rooms are ok, those are search rooms the way you defined them … which is like totally kewl.
nathan@fbi 2015-12-24 14:16:03 [item 19366#39121]
Yes. In your feature design you need to provide the ability to get to a single tag room as quickly and easily as is now done with tag search. When you have that we can look at if it needs Nickels. I am happy with how it works now. One uncluttered feature that allows both abilities. Logical or not, a multi tag search from the search box has much less use in the user experience here, and those who need the difference now embodied will quickly grasp it and those who don’t grasp it wouldn’t have needed either.

Sometimes human, ubiquitous, ergonomic engineering is superior to logical engineering. In fact, most times IMHO.

i actually found quite a bit of utility in typeing just a part of a tag and then getting a whole room of items which had that bit in their taggings.   lots of times some people tag something with a singular and others tag it with a plural … or some other variation of the same word … that feature woud pull all those up in a single stoke.  i found it instantly useful.  
I agree, and that is not lost. That’s what appears in your dropdown. Hitting the return key is only what happens when you type quickly and go … which you never did before because that was broken and dumped you in the river even in the old system. If you ever actually need the dropdown list to become a room, then perhaps a simple button off to the side of the dropdown list itself while it was open would be a good way to send it to a room and handle that corner case. The tag already works as you say because it doesn’t have an extra quick-type-and-go feature like the search box does.

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