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Dai yot yao gih #20, Earth of Sun, Netzach of Tipareth; kon P.1855 & P.1648 .    

It is easy enough to get lost in the forest of detailed symbolism to lose sight of the general rule which can show the way out of the maze or labyrinth & difficult to grasp the like gossamer thread handed to us. Quote from the TAO TEH KING Chapt 71 is appropriate here: "To know & yet think we do not know is the highest attainment;  not to know & yet think we do know is a disease;  it is simply by being pained at the thought of having this disease that we are preserved from it.  The sage has not this disease.  He knows the pain that would be inseparable from it & hence does not have it.  Compare Bacon's "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing".  To be aware is the first step, then forces come to help us apply what we know!

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Si says
Mmmmmm … Bacon! <slurp>  

Mark de LA says
choy 2016-01-02 11:32:37 [item 19490#40707]
See also BofNK – http://www.chenghsin.com/book-of-not-knowing.html  but the above says it all!thumbs up

Mark de LA says

Holmes says
dA 2016-01-12 07:53:17 [item 19490#41618]
You know, I said the same thing yesterday in some comment about labeling things. But alas, that comment is gone to the wind even though it could add value here … if this place [FBI] is ever to live up to it’s tagline as a place to think, that must change, for that is the only thinking thing that interests me here in respect to thinking. After trying them profusely, and watching how you all use them, tags hold no interest for me whatsoever for thinking. 
seth 2016-01-12 08:03:20 [item 19490#41619]
i intentionally associate signs to things … that is me threading my thoughts and associating them to other things that are happening inside and outside of my own mind.   when i think i am prompted within that network of associations.  

… then too tagging is not the only tag line about this system.   it is not the only feature that makes it possible for us to think together here.

some people do it … others’s perhaps don’t … we all think so differently.  that you may do it differently is not a problem for any of us.   there are a lot of things that you do that i do not.   i don’t know why you keep bringing this up. 
dA 2016-01-12 08:08:39 [item 19490#41620]
What I keep brining up is that there is no way to find and connect comments here. That is the only useful thing I would ever want here that to me would make this place feel like a place for thinking. I am only saying that the thing that works for you to make this a thinking place is not useful to my thought processes so I can’t call this a thinking place based on tag oriented thinking. I am trying to keep this thing afloat, for without it, I cannot call this a place for thinking.
seth 2016-01-12 08:13:17 [item 19490#41621]
well would not a full text search of comments give you the ability you desire?

… or do you also need the ability to intentionally tag comments?
Full text search would be part of it, but only the start. Defiantly not tagging comments! That would truly suck! I can barely tolerate tags on thoughts … not putting you down, tagging is your thing and that’s fine, it’s just how my thinking is wired … tags detract grossly from my thinking processes. Something else … either a way to cross link and share comments, or a way to clone comments across thoughts, or a way to hyperlink to another comment in a comment, or all of those etc. So that when I discover that something I wrote somewhere else applies here and now I can quickly and easily find and include it here and now in perhaps several ways depending on what best suits the need here at the time.

Holmes says
And the feature would need not just a full text (or natural language) search, but a contextual search so that it only looked in things I wrote, or things someone else I designate wrote … also an optional date range would be handy when this place gets bigger … and if to look in comments and thoughts, or just comments, or just thoughts.

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