Y’all have a mighty fine set of beliefs! thumbs up Y’all would probably call them IS (the verb)!  Enjoy them, keep them safe (or not), celebrate them, play with them.
Have a nice day! roseloving it


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Seth says
yes thanks heart

But it would feel strange for me to call my beliefs “what is” ;
for if something happens that is impossible with them obtaining, 
my beliefs themselves would change. 

Seth says
nathan@fbi 2016-01-04 11:39:17 [item 19515#40999]
Well. See if you can actually separate what you believe from what is? Can you?
seth 2016-01-04 11:42:02 [item 19515#41000]
Yes i can … because what i believe changes … and i can notice the change.  

What happens changes too … and i notice that as well.

But what i believe changes differently than what happens changes … and i can notice that difference.
that thought is obviously a work in progress pondering
nathan 2016-01-04 12:10:43 [item 19515#41001]
I guess it is because I think you are only assuming there is a difference. I think that with closer examination they will appear to be related, then with even closer examination they will appear to affect each other, and finally, with sufficient objective observation, they will appear inseparable. Right now I think there are lots of assumptions upon which it makes it seem like they couldn’t be the same … but as those assumptions are stripped away, one by one, to the core truth, it will become obvious there is no difference.  
yes … yeah something to try. 

but thing is i have no inclination or desire to make otherness go away
...i quite heart it indeed. 
Apparently we are quite different in that regard. 

that said … yours is worth a try … and, who knows, i might even be able to show you a difference that even you won’t want to deny.

Si says
mark 2016-01-04 13:48:32 [item 19515#41019]
Most people who say “I believe …..” or “I think ….” etc …. are only expressing their Ego’s ontological  preferences ( don’t necessarily believe stuff at all – e.g. politicians) otherwise they most likely would leave out the preface statements & just go congruently with their statement of what IS.  N is good at that! yes
However, such does not make it anymore an IS for anyone else. A more logical demonstration with stuff evident might work for me.
nathan 2016-01-04 14:07:32 [item 19515#41021]
Demonstrations are useless. They can be scammed, tricked, or seen from different points of view. Also, a well known and useful thought is that people don’t actually learn by example, they learn by doing. All this “belief” orientated stuff should be experienced directly. I always and often provide you with exact means and methods to prove these things to yourself. You rarely do the things I suggest.

When you are actually interested, you will actually do things. Not just watch, catalog, and transcribe things. Then these things will become self evident to you too and you will also feel their intrinsic nature such that you will not feel compelled to speak about them indirectly. You will know them, and speak from that knowing.
mark 2016-01-04 16:01:15 [item 19515#41036]
yesThanks for demonstrationg what I said you were good at!thumbs uploving it
Absolutely! yes No higher complement could you give

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