if i were asked what is fbi?

Still looking for a distinction on this one. All other answers so far boil down to this being a more personal experience … but that seems to be an artifact of that there are only 3 people here right now. With 10 more, it would be less personal than FB IMHO.

Other than my initial thought, what is different and special here? And if it is to be that this is a more personal experience, what is needed to make it so? What must remain? These questions seem important and not yet answered. I know that I feel very exposed, very forcefully connected here. It is perhaps the hardest to have a personal experience here of any place I have been in the cloud.
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Seth says
Well real life experiences are what you make them to be.   Likewise these rooms will contain what people  come here do.   For example people who come here to see cute pictures, will be showing those pictures to each other.   That content is not up to us, the architects, to determine.

That said, we give people their own rooms here already furnished with tools to express their thoughts and rubb those thoughts against like minded individuals and to project them out into the larger social internet.   How personal those interactions are is quite up to our guests.  They can make their rooms private and only invite in those people who love them … or they can broadcast to the world from their own space on the net … or engage in commerce … or delve deeply into technical matters … or write poetry … or listen to music with their firends.  All of these things … and more … are possible.

If you feel “exposed” here,  make your thoughts private only for your group.  Me, i am culturing my extroversion, rather than cherishing my privacy … hence i tend to speak in public even my innermost thoughts … but that is just me … others will do what they do … we should provide easy ways for them to naturally draw their boundaries.

Of course most of the things that can be done here, can be done over on Facebook too … and to a much larger audience.

i’m continuing this this thought in [title People's thoughts vs Facebook, Twitter, etc] from within my own space. For whatever reason that just feels right.   In a way that thought should be in here too … so consider it here as well as there laugh.

Si says

Mark de LA says
mark@niche 2016-01-09 22:37:41 [item 19523#41420]
Whatever happened to CyberMind? I still like that notion.  For N, I would probably propose CyberLOA (rhymes with aloha) . thumbs upyes
mark@niche 2016-01-09 22:41:13 [item 19523#41421]
Maybe even HyperMind.
seth@niche 2016-01-10 06:24:55 [item 19523#41424]
Well why not just call what is happening here thinking?  That is what it feels like to me.  Not to mention that the boldness of that branding has got to catch on.  That thoughts network together to form the background that we call our “mind” is true … but kind of beside the point.  What we are doing is not mind … what we are doing here is thinking.  Or at least that is what i am doing and want others to do it with me here.  See thought.
mark@niche 2016-01-10 07:40:48 [item 19523#41426]
Even with AI you may have a hard time selling “thinking”, imho. Confusing blogging with thinking for people who know the difference is a tilt. winkyes
nathan@fbi 2016-01-10 08:24:55 [item 19523#41427]
Also, for me, thinking is a multi-parallel process with many things happening at once, converging for fleeting moments together on a single point of attention, then exploding back into parallel paths, each aware of the others, drawing on them when necessary to build the multidimensional elastic thought that is bouncing around the multiverse in a moment of now. Calling this fbi experiednce thinking is like calling using a 1970’s dumb text terminal compared to Iron Man using Jarvis with it’s multi-spacial 3D holographic and voice command interface.
seth@fbi 2016-01-10 08:41:56 [item 19523#41428]
I suppose then, if i opened a restaurant where people could come and eat food, you folks would object to me calling what they ate “food” laugh.  And if i opened a forum where people could speak,  you would object to me calling what happeed there “speaking” laugh.

This does not need to be “sold” … i am telling no lie … this is just what is happening.  That it also has been happening all over the Web … in blogs and in tweets and in posts and in articles … sure helps me finally opening a place where I call things honestly what they have become all along.  We are, after all, carefully designing our restraunt here as a space where it can happen even better and faster and more amazingly. 
laughingLet your customer base give you folks feedback. tuit

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