I wonder how much resources would be necessary to ...

live stream from our server in high definition, and even in 1080p ?

Is this available for free anywhere on the internet? ...i rather doubt it, and if it is the number of “connections” must be strickly enforced.  … but hmmm … this is actually being done in the porno area … see http://cam4.com … and others … although those sites have another very lucrative source of revenue to pay for the resource.

other sites that i know of charge by the number of connected listeners [see tag streaming audio] .  

but this may well be a very interesting niche for us to invest in.

It is an added feature to entice domain operators.  It is a revenue source for us.



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Seth says
that said … me, i go into the woods wearing A Christmas toy for me 2015 smug

Seth says
nathan@fbi 2016-01-06 14:21:21 [item 19530#41197]
What do you want to stream?
seth 2016-01-06 14:24:01 [item 19530#41198]
it means that the media is only available during a specific time … look at it now ...you don’t get to see it later.  it is not a file that is served from server storage … but rather is served from one ip to whoever is watching on other ips.   
woops … i though you were asking what was streaming.  But to answer your question I might stream whatever here myself … maybe me cooking in my kitchen … or maybe a meeting.   I also know of people who want to essentially open radio stations … even though that is somewhat dated, what with all iTunes does today.  I have blue skyed an old time radio streaming station which was scheduled exactly the way radio was happening in the 50s.  It is a thing that i would probably do, were it easy to do, just to prove that people like to tune into a program at a specific time and love to wait for it, wait for it.   That was the experience back in the day.  You do not get that same experience if you can listen to a podcast whenever.    i think G+ is pretty much giving away this feature … not sure what Facebook is doing … but i have never heard of wordprss doing it.  

Live is k … k …. k … kewl cool … and EXCITING … and people will pay for it.

Seth says
nathan@fbi 2016-01-06 16:13:30 [item 19530#41201]
Okay, it’s cool, but isn’t there already plenty of places you can go to stream stuff? I had a free app on my iPhone for a while that allowed me to stream it’s camera to as many as wanted to watch it. Didn’t put it on my new iPphone is all.

Just like you don’t really want all the hassle of converting, storing, and streaming videos … you can let youtube do that and you just embed the video here and then you provide the thought environment, why not do the same with streaming? Let other sites deal with the logistics of live streaming, you provide the thought environment for it … a place people can come to group think about it. You don’t want to actually get into the streaming business … money is only the tip of it, trust me.
well you can always find reasons not to do something … funny thing that laugh.   when i get a tuit and want to find a feature to draw people to thinking, i will attract a developer who is into it.  

Seth says
seth 2016-01-06 16:57:30 [item 19530#41205]
and how so very strange none of this comment has anything to do with live streaming …

you can let youtube do that and you just embed the video here and then you provide the thought environment, why not do the same with streaming? Let other sites deal with the logistics of live streaming, you provide the thought environment for it … a place people can come to group think about it. You don’t want to actually get into the streaming business … money is only the tip of it, trust me.

but,  oh well, nathan says that i should not want there to be live streaming cability from thoughts … so i guess i should just accept his ultimate wisdom and move on grin
mark 2016-01-06 17:06:39 [item 19530#41208]
Does Instagram do that?  I of course have a webcam but no cellphone worth anything. Podcasts have been around for a long time.  Can we embed instagram?
nathan@fbi 2016-01-06 17:10:54 [item 19530#41211]
Seth, you absolutely got nothing I said. Read it again, or don’t, but what you just thought is nearly the opposite of what I wrote. sad
nathan@fbi 2016-01-06 17:44:36 [item 19530#41215]
You don’t need live streaming here. Just like you don’t need to store terrabytes of videos here, youtube can do that for you and you can embed them here as if they were here. You can do the same with live streaming. The value is not the hardware that does the streaming. The value is the thought environment you can wrap around the streaming.
seth 2016-01-06 18:53:20 [item 19530#41218]
and you apparently heard absolutely nothing that i said.

anyway, it does not make any difference.   I am not asking you to develop streaming from our thoughts.   Maybe re-read my question … it really was just about what resources are necessary.   Not a problem however, … forget about my question, it will be answered elsewhere  …. develop what you are into and excited about and what you want for what you want to happen here … … … that has been happening very well indeed yes heart
nathan@fbi 2016-01-06 18:56:09 [item 19530#41219]
I have no problem developing this feature. It’s a good one. If you will read and please try to understand, you will see that it is about 95% done already. I think you keep getting thrown off by the first few words.
seth 2016-01-06 19:10:49 [item 19530#41221]
incidentally there is a grand difference between embedding a youtube video and embedding a youtube live stream.   to find out if that is real, maybe we could go find a live YouTube stream and embed it in a thought here.   see what it feels like.
nathan@fbi 2016-01-06 19:17:09 [item 19530#41224]
I never ever said anything about embedding  a youtube live stream. I used youtube as an example of embedding free resource and bandwidth intensive services without having to host them. There are lots of free streaming services. As I said, I had one on my iPhone for a long time and I have run across others in my travels.

Si says
seth 2016-01-06 19:05:04 [item 19530#41220]
yes, good find thumbs up… this is about the 3rd time that instagram has come up today … i’ll need to study it … also what G+ and youtube offer in terms of streaming.   as perhaps Tigger is expressing between his words, we may well be able to leverage other sites services … notwithstanding that i have yet to find a free lunch … even on the Internet. 
nathan@fbi 2016-01-06 19:12:34 [item 19530#41222]
Well that’s so interesting since there are 3 very free image storage services with nice API’s I have been eyeing to use for all image storage. There is youtube which is a completely free lunch for storing videos. There is shiftedit which is a totally free full scale IDE we can individually use to edit and manage the whole site. There is Heroku which we could could run as many free FBI domains off off we wish. There is Bitbucket which is allowing us to freely store and manage all our code in unlimited 2Gig git repositories. There is 15 gig of free G+ storage and 5gig of free Dropbox storage we can store backups at. There is paypal and Square where you can sell stuff for free if you do it right and for pennies otherwise. And much much more...

As one blogger I read recently says “the internet is one huge free lunch for those willing to look for it”.
seth 2016-01-06 19:40:06 [item 19530#41230]
yep all great … and all the things you mention are storage and not person to many live streaming.   i am not saying that those do not exist … in fact they do in pletheora … the question is can we leverage them … and at what cost … and at what inconvenience for our users.  Denise has done quit a bit of live streaming in audio… and to a fair profit i might mention… and even i have tried to do it at conventions and it kind of worked … but in all of those cases it was cumbersom even if you subscribe to the web services themselves (all things considered) and there never has been a hint of 3rd party hijacking of the service.  So yes, i really  do want to see a tangeable example of using a 3rd party server for live streaming.   But, hey,  this is not even nearly on my  priority list … just something that dawned on me that i wanted to have the ability to do.  Right now i have about an hour of booring video through the woods … lots of stuff in there if one wanted to look … if i could do this now i would think a thought that anybody who wanted to could it  9 and 10 tonight.  That is where this thought came from.  An i am not even sure i would want to put this 10Gig file up some permanent place … even if it was totally free to me.  
nathan@fbi 2016-01-06 19:47:00 [item 19530#41231]
Yes. Well I think it is a good idea. I know with certainty that these services exist and are practical. But that is all in my verse. What will be available to you to find and use will always be dependent on your vibrations which will follow your beliefs. It does irk me that people don’t get that and then when I tell them, and even sometimes do things right in front of them, they still can’t line up with it. That is my personal issue with the state of things. I need to come to terms with the fact that others do run their own verses independently of what I can do in mine even when it is not in concert with what they say they want. But that’s my issue to learn and grow with.
seth 2016-01-06 19:54:16 [item 19530#41233]
well yes quite  … i agree … it would be kewl if you would “come to terms with the fact that others run their verses independently of what you can do in yours” … (remaining absurd presumptions ignored laugh).

but that said … i like to rubb verses with you in any case … in fact it is fast becoming one of my favorite things heart

Seth says

Of course there is an app for it … periscope.tv
my friend jimbo does his video “podcasts” there right from his iPhone. 

Holmes says
seth 2016-01-28 13:53:09 [item 19530#43882]
“You don’t need streaming” … do you mean “me” personally? … or thinking.domains?   But sure, in any case i agree … we don’t need it now … there always being alternatives.  We didn’t need chat either … but both are steps in the direction that is going to happen. 

Anyway i am not lobbying for putting it in now … i just know it is something that is happening. 
Chat was exciting … and the process of putting it in cleared up a whole lot of things that would have been untouched otherwise. If you haven’t noticed, pages are quite a bit faster again. The live stream is much cleaner now … a high speed lean 2 way channel between the browser and the server and I combined the news ticker into the same ninja stream and can plug any other stream into it. The system does not have atomization, but when pages are atomized, then they can plug into this same stream for an atomized stream. Chat was well worth it and is a nice feature as a bonus.

It is never about what one needs. It is about what is exciting. That’s how we are guided to what is most relevant for us and our desires.

However, in this case, your site(s) do not need streaming infrastructure. Never will. When you let go of the idea that they do, you will easily find your way to the verse where exactly what you desire is there.

Seth says
seth 2016-01-28 14:08:19 [item 19530#43886]
re pages loading … i’ve noticed that an edit appears on the screen almost instantly right when i press “save changes” … but then the page reloads anyway as if to display what it already displayed.  let me see if i experience then right now with my next click → well no it didn’t.   

now let me see if it only does that on a edit → yep … showed it, then reloaded the page anyway.
dA 2016-01-28 14:12:19 [item 19530#43887]
Yea. It’s kind of a leftover. Bascially it just stuffs your edit back into the page spot and then submits it to the server … which has to take place. And it has to come back from the server anyway in order to have references and other things properly evaluated. You could call it eye candy, that’s about it.

Mark de LA says
dA 2016-01-28 13:47:22 [item 19530#43880]
Yes. Streaming is good. Cool thing for thinking domains. You don’t need streaming.
We are almost evolving back to multimedia IRC laughing

Mark de LA says
dA 2016-01-28 14:17:55 [item 19530#43890]
Anyway, pages are faster. Very much so subjectively, but also objectively. I have had timestamps on the page builds for quite a while. During the unified user shift and sudo code average page builds crept up to about 50ms. Now they are down to 2 to 5ms. And on my 3 computers, that really makes a visible difference.

No telling what is happening on your end after malware has it’s way with the incoming data though.
seth 2016-01-28 14:19:56 [item 19530#43891]
yes i felt the speed up too yes
Mark 2016-01-28 14:25:18 [item 19530#43893]
The only place I have loading problems is IE & Edge & the latter is almost unuseable at times.
Mark 2016-01-28 14:26:17 [item 19530#43894]
Enough so that the system says IE is not responding & then comes up anyway.
dA 2016-01-28 14:40:55 [item 19530#43898]
Does not surprise me. Benchmark tests have shown IE to literally be up to 10,000 times slower doing dom manipulations with javascript than virtually all the other browsers … and we do a lot of those.
Mark 2016-01-28 14:48:24 [item 19530#43900]
I wonder how it works on a M$ cell phone. But then, just another silo of potential consumers – no biggie.
dA 2016-01-28 14:54:18 [item 19530#43901]
Eh… people without iPhone or Android are not real people anyway!
Mark 2016-01-28 15:20:33 [item 19530#43904]
yesYep – gotta be able to take a selfie to know you are real !laughing
nathan 2016-01-28 17:52:20 [item 19530#43910]
True. So true. That’s why we brought them into being. It’s a good thing right now. Part of our awakening of self.  
Mark 2016-01-29 07:00:35 [item 19530#43912]

ponderingwhich one?  See MPD or DID in the Wikipedia laughing Then too – beware of doppelgangers of the Lucifer-Ahriman combo

seth 2016-01-29 08:33:46 [item 19530#43923]
I think people tell whatever story of their self which works for them.  This stroy evolves with their life.  They see it from the outside (your dreaded selfie), they see it others eyes, they see it from the inside and know what it feels like.  It is their creation.  I doubt it is useful for others to dictate and tell them what their opus will be. 

But what in all of that … Steiner’s story of it … yours … nathan’s  … mine …  has anything to do with live streaming?   Live streaming is where we get closer to interacting in the now directly … unvarnished by hesitation … honestly with nothing of our immediate provocation or response held back.   There is no selfie augue involved.  Or if there is, please be specific. 
Mark 2016-01-29 08:40:59 [item 19530#43924]
use spell checker maybe or not …. like someone else said “who cares about staying on topic 19768” … simple idea of streaming &/OR multimedia IRC who knows?  what does “everybody lives in a story” do for anything? ….. just minimizing another’s
seth 2016-01-29 08:47:28 [item 19530#43925]
i don’t mind the stray from topic here … i am just so very curious as to what it has to do with live streaming.   If you are going to splatter your selfie augue (← spelled quite intentionally) wherever the topic comes up, then I want to understand what bothers you there. 
mine was dA’s usual snowjob on selfies laughing

Seth says
seth 2016-01-29 10:43:07 [item 19530#43972]
well our ticklish selfies … and why they are always so right and their attackers so wrong … is a topic … fascinating and exciting … still with all of its “augue” even here.  me, i would like to understand it with more of our mind engaged, but the bastard gets in the way.  Does that ever happen with you guys too?
dA 2016-01-29 10:55:20 [item 19530#43975]
Not in my normal verses. Mostly just here. There is an rwg black hole here that I rarely encounter even in lesser forms anywhere else in my verses … and I spend a lot of time around people who are very self assured and confident proactive, so it’s not that. In fact, one notable difference is that both of you, and Mark especially, are much less proactive than most people I spend time with. Lots of thought spinning, but very little active action. Might even have something to do with it. The old saying “idle hands ...”
well this kind of interaction has been rubbed and rubbed until it is a festering soar here at fastblogit.   that is pretty clear i think.  but it exists between all people all to frequently and me thinks goes deeper than you are considering.  it is not just mark … and it is not just me … your story of that aside …. i get it direct with you, i just mostly ignore it, and don’t make it soar.  

that said, you are ~right~ , making things happen usually transcends all of this  ego shit heart

Seth says
nathan 2016-03-24 08:57:40 [item 19530#50219]
Here ya go!!!!


Mark 2016-03-24 09:00:50 [item 19530#50222]
kewl – no need for fbi
Seth 2016-03-24 09:23:52 [item 19530#50233]
well can such a live stream be shown in a thought here? ← otherwise it is great, but not about fbi. 
nathan 2016-03-24 09:25:23 [item 19530#50234]
Most likely, in an iFrame. Unless they specifically go out of their way to prevent that which is unlikely.
Seth 2016-03-24 09:31:01 [item 19530#50238]
Seth 2016-03-24 09:33:05 [item 19530#50239]
there is actually a lot of live streaming going on with cell phones recently … twitter has a new one that is all a craze among some of my friends.   haven’t tried it myself yet. 
nathan 2016-03-24 09:34:11 [item 19530#50240]
Welcome to my corner of the verses! wink

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