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didn’t look at thei via website  because comcast would not authenticate me … on demand controlled by remote is way to tedious and ended with a stream that had no sound … all in all the experience sucked. 


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Seth says
nathan@fbi 2016-01-11 09:54:22 [item 19566#41524]
And regardless if it is displayed or not, this work is necessary for the system to clearly know where someone is at when they post a thought and other things now that they are freely roaming identity. You are still browsing as a penname from a group … I am browsing as a full roaming identity in my development and you don’t know how confusing that was when it first became possible … now it is clear … and seeing it clearly is helping me fix the system to be correct too
seth 2016-01-11 10:00:11 [item 19566#41526]
yeah i realize that things are in flux … yet even so system is quite understandable
nathan@fbi 2016-01-11 10:04:50 [item 19566#41528]
No, it absolutely was not (before) except perhaps to you and Mark. Check out old posts by Winnie and others that I have read … this knowing where they were at was something you kept explaining to people. It’s not intuitive at all! I didn’t get it and I am very familiar with systems that do the same kinds of things as this one.
like  fine make it better smug

Si says
apparently a person has has some rights in groups in which they are not immediately signed on to.   in that i edited this group seth thought.   but i can not yet post a new thought in group seth.
nathan@fbi 2016-01-11 08:35:17 [item 19566#41503]
Apparently FBI knows that you know the password to those groups. Must be reading your mind.
seth 2016-01-11 09:40:41 [item 19566#41521]
yeah part of that seems to work … but one still only makes a post in a group that one is signed on to.   

the seth@news and seth@river kind of is confusing … i know i am in the news … i know i am in some group … or in the river … or in a tag room.   all i need to know is who i am signed on to.  
nathan@fbi 2016-01-11 09:50:09 [item 19566#41523]
Actually you don’t know that. It has always been uncomfortably confusing where one is at in this system. It is slowly becoming clear as the mud settles by my efforts. I have often done things like gone to the river and then followed a post then followed a comment and don’t have a frigging clue where I am actually at without looking at the little footnotes on posts and other things and then still not sure. Now, it is very clear, you are where you are @
seth 2016-01-11 09:55:06 [item 19566#41525]
strange i always always know where i am at here … primarialy because the river is blue … and a group room is green … and news is just toatally formatted differently … and a tag room is labeled differently at the top.

incidentally a permalink shoud not be shown on a blue background … you are not in the river when you are on a permalink … maybe that background should be just white.
nathan@fbi 2016-01-11 10:01:42 [item 19566#41527]
Backgrounds are not a good way to indicate things to users. Most users, me among them, see the background as scenery … I had no clue they have different colors … especially since the blue and the green are such close shades to each other … the green here is a very blue-green.

Of course you know where you are at, you designed the system. Please look at this from the perspective of new people … the last thing they would think has meaning is a background color and no one ever (except accountants) read help first.

For new people, the @news and @river will be extremely helpful and clear and obvious and they will get the system many times sooner having that clarity available to them. And it flows nice … nicely says nathan@seth right now … I know I am replying to something in seth. That’s so cool! We havn’t had that coolness before.
seth 2016-01-11 10:08:26 [item 19566#41529]
thing is where you are in the system is NOT part of your identity.   so maybe it sould say something more like “seth   …. brwsing in the news” ….. or … “seth  ……. looking at nathan “.

we designe for people who are used to using the system AND for newbies.   i do frequently glance at the background to make sure where i am.   if it tells me at the top in english that is fine too.  i think we need both indications.  
Yes, things are shifting. With unified roaming identities there is no longer a group that is part of your identity. You are just you, just nathan, just seth. Hence the @something no longer has meaning in that respect. Now it can be used in a way that is more semantically correct. It is saying you are here. You@Here … very clear and distinct. Your identity and where you are.

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