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Full text search would be part of it, but only the start. Defiantly not tagging comments! That would truly suck! I can barely tolerate tags on thoughts … not putting you down, tagging is your thing and that’s fine, it’s just how my thinking is wired … tags detract grossly from my thinking processes. Something else … either a way to cross link and share comments, or a way to clone comments across thoughts, or a way to hyperlink to another comment in a comment, or all of those etc. So that when I discover that something I wrote somewhere else applies here and now I can quickly and easily find and include it here and now in perhaps several ways depending on what best suits the need here at the time.



Seth says
And the feature would need not just a full text (or natural language) search, but a contextual search so that it only looked in things I wrote, or things someone else I designate wrote … also an optional date range would be handy when this place gets bigger … and if to look in comments and thoughts, or just comments, or just thoughts.

Seth says
seth 2016-01-12 08:29:10 [item 19593#41624]
seems to me that we already have the ability to hyperlink to specific comments … see about hyperlink on this thought.
dA 2016-01-12 08:40:59 [item 19593#41631]
We do … but not a way to include it in the comment or thought while you are writing it. I want to be able to think “oh yea, I have more on that ...” and click and find it and include it as a link here, or as a quote here, or as an additional comment here, etc.
enlightenedsurprise wow that would be an interesting feature yes