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nathan 2016-01-13 16:00:28 [item 1864#41935]
Sure. Magic search (good name btw) is not yet budgeted. I did drop the hint that I will probably make it myself when I tire of not having it … but even then I need to finish with the unified author feature before moving on. It’s getting close, but not yet done. And next on the budget list is moving thoughts around … for which the unified groups were necessary in order for it to work nice, otherwise there were hairy issues with permission to move from one group to another. Now, it will be easy to move between groups you are logged into without hair.

I am not so very sure that the next best thing we can do.  

I keep wanting the ability to build web sites from our thoughts.   That is so exciting … and i can probably budget it … still looking for an estimate.   Last time i asked for a check from speaktomecatalog,  the feeling from her was that this “should” end our investment.   I can probably extend that to building websites from thoughts … but i have to start showing a growing user interest before i can pull much more money from that other business which is not doing so very well. 

… err, unless we can come up with another funding source or maybe some other kind of equity sharing. 


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Seth says
nathan 2016-01-13 16:21:50 [item 19624#41939]
Well moving thoughts is not a big deal and is only a few nickels feature on the books. The code itself is trivial, even if it had to do dual login as it would have had to before … but now that the login problem is solved it’s only a matter of feeling like putting half an hour into it … no reason to cut it.

Mark de LA says
nathan 2016-01-13 16:31:05 [item 19624#41940]
I have made and thought of making many published sites from data. I know how I would do it here, but there are so many variations we have to start somwhere.

This is one case where I would actually use tags. Very specific tags. The tags would direct the system to create the final network of pages. They could simply be well chosen regular tags … but personally I would want another tag-like system that gave more control over the exact tags and allowed assigning them meaning in the published network.

That is my dialog start.
Mark 2016-01-13 16:37:14 [item 19624#41941]
Beginning to sound like XML. surprise . How about a new way to publish online books?
nathan 2016-01-13 16:43:37 [item 19624#41943]
There are plenty of online publishing sites for any need, and several real good ones that went out of business because it is a daunting task and very competitive business, even for niche markets.

XML is out. I won’t be using it for anything. It is one of those great ideas that failed in the end because it is a behemoth. JSON out performs it in every way, including simple text editing ease, for data. And HTML is totally adequate for documents. XML, which was an attempted merging of schema, data, and document into one thing, actually worked but is 9 out of ten times massive overkill.
Mark 2016-01-13 16:51:04 [item 19624#41945]
Was thinking of writing a book right here & making it readable like a sequence of thoughts only a bit nicer than just browsing the news here or someone’s group. just saying….
BTW I am editing this with Opera just installed it and typed in the fbi url & here it is. thumbs up (so far)
Actually, that was not Opera, but this is. Ok – quite fast!happythumbs up

Si says
nathan 2016-01-13 16:57:32 [item 19624#41948]
The grandest example of an attempt in this direction is The Grid. A great idea started by an ex google employee … and was supposed to be fully online last spring, but is still not. I have often thought how it would not be hard to take any platform, including wordpress, but FBI is a fine one too, and hair up gradually to rival The Grid. If you want to see the top competition, check out The Grid if you haven’t already. Watch the video. I almost switched Playnexus over to The Grid a year and half ago when it was first collecting … now of course glad I didn’t because it still isn’t, but good to see what has been imagined. 
seth 2016-01-13 17:10:25 [item 19624#41952]
ok i will watc(h) it .

the thing we have here is the social connection of a group of people, who probably know nothing about the web and styles etc, but have the content in their minds … or are generating it … socially withing thiir group.  so that group comes here (or to their own thinking doamin) and just starts thinking about their website … and as it is recognized that …. hey this just goes there … well you just designate that it goees there.   Don’t underestimate socially builiding something.   Oh sure some domain type stylist gets them started … but then she can stand back and just watc(h) it take shape.   
Yes. That actually sounds quite like some of the advertisements I have seen for The Grid … lol … they don’t have the social aspect with other gridders, but do for teams (groups?) and all the rest is right out of their playbook.

Mark de LA says
nathan 2016-01-13 16:31:05 [item 19624#41940]
I have made and thought of making many published sites from data. I know how I would do it here, but there are so many variations we have to start somwhere.

This is one case where I would actually use tags. Very specific tags. The tags would direct the system to create the final network of pages. They could simply be well chosen regular tags … but personally I would want another tag-like system that gave more control over the exact tags and allowed assigning them meaning in the published network.

That is my dialog start.
Mark 2016-01-13 16:37:14 [item 19624#41941]
Beginning to sound like XML. surprise . How about a new way to publish online books?
seth 2016-01-13 16:46:06 [item 19624#41944]
i see it as one chooses a template … which basically specifices the areas (columns and headers) of the website … then all one needs to do is to direct the content of a thought to a specific zone on a specific URL … simple … real simple.   Kind of like we direct the body of a thought to the header of a group … same principle. 

so why would we need a comples threding of tags?  This needs to be real real simple … it is hard to fathom how people who have not done this think about building a website … and this system of group thinking can actually manifest one … i can feel it in my bones … especialy the way i am working with the renton food coop.
nathan 2016-01-13 16:52:52 [item 19624#41946]
Yes. That is the basic idea I have too. But I know from experience that you end up always wanting to specify more than just a few simple things. It always happens … similar to shit I guess. Everyone likes the idea but then want’s something just a little different when it comes to their website. That’s where the versatility of tags is a bonus. Very simple tags to choose major things for simple folk, and hair up to any tag complexity desired for those Virgo’s out there who want to micro manage everything.  
seth 2016-01-13 17:02:59 [item 19624#41949]
Mark 2016-01-13 17:05:24 [item 19624#41950]
Mommy stuff, eh Nathan?laugh
nathan 2016-01-13 17:09:05 [item 19624#41951]
Not really, as GW told her when she was a youg’n, she is more Libra than Virgo. And I agree … the virgo shit I have seen in other virgos over my span was never strong in her. Not that Virgos don’t have a perfect place, someone has to do the atom pushing so others can bounce off the platforms!
Her mom was a Libra – probably why he said that; there being more than 12 basic types of people in the world.  Better zodiac information is here including the link to RS at 3163laughing

Si says
To seth and mark,

Don’t know if you guys realize, but I have been steadily improving Magic Search™ and it has become extremely useful of late. I can easily and quickly find virtually anything with it these days (except things with non-word characters). I only have to remember one or a few words that are in what I want to find.

Some of the improvements
  1. The search pane retains where you are … just click back on the search tab to continue.
  2. Now shows person, group, and date is shown in an easier to read “time ago” format.
  3. Normalized to show everything you can read, and nothing you can’t.
  4. Automagically ‘ANDS’ words for improved hit relevance (unless you use the advanced syntaxes).
  5. Sortable by date or relevance (default to date) and filterable to the current group.
It is also not real clear if you guys understand that there are 3 different sections on the search results page. The top is thoughts, the middle is comments, and the bottom is tags. Often you guys have talked about failed searching as if you only are looking at the top section (thoughts).

Quite frankly, I reach for the search tab first when looking for something, instead of the tag box in the nav bar. It has been allowing me to get what I was looking for much more often and without having had to tag things to find them again, or having to munge my way through tag rooms to find things. It has been as reliable for me as google search is for the web, and that’s saying something as I use google search hundreds of times a day!

Seth says

Seth says
well i had stoped using magic search because it did not seem to find the stuff i was looking for.   sounds like i need to try it again.

the biggest problem with the old search is that i could not specify a phrase and search for that specific concatenation of words.   that is usually how i find stuff at google … not with just one specific word.

eg:  “created yourself”  ← let me see if i can get back there.   #OMG worked like a charm null

#kudos → nathan indeed null

Mark de LA says
See if you can find the exact quote from PR on “consciousness commands ...”

Seth says
yep found it null

Si says
Well it never just searched for one word. Not sure where you got that from. Natural language search looks for all words near each other in whatever phrase you supply. However, the default is to search for ANY words and that tends to give way to many results. You could have always made it an AND search by putting + on the front of each word. Now, #SeriTD simply does that for you automagically (see term at the top of each results section) unless you explicitly put any other advanced operators in the search string, then she leaves it alone.

Si says
See, you guys did not want to use Natural Language Search as the industry designed it with good intentions. What you guys wanted was for someone to come along and contort and hack Natural Language Search to be just like Google Search. Well, eventually #SeriTD did that for you.  Enjoy.

Seth says
well at google if you put your phrase in quotes … “consciousness commands” “body obeys”  then their search will only look for those phrases.  if you ingore the quotes and just go by the ANDing of the words you get way too many results … and the results show just the words highlighted and not the phrase highlighted. 

the new search seemed to pick out the pharaes better … maybe it was because the “near to” criteria was kicking in.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Had no such thing, just wanted to be able to find things I & others wrote regardless of group: kinda like digital memory. Common Logic started out as a note taker.

Seth says
well the google “natural language” search is premo … especially as it works with phrases. 

Did #SeriTD “contort  and hack Natural Language Search” to be just like Google Search ? … or was that nathan?   Did i give you her kudos? nullnull

Si says
Quotes have always worked, and still work here too, to find literal phrases. Did you never read the Natural Search documentation here Third generation full search is running.?

From paragraph 23

A phrase that is enclosed within double quote (“"”) characters matches only rows that contain the phrase literally, as it was typed.

Seth says
nope never read the doc … just did zillions of searches at google and noticed that the quotes worked like a charm. 

Si says
Well, if you don’t read the doc I provide on our features, why am I bothering?  null

Si says
But in any case, #SeriTD (mostly her doing) Googleized it for you. So enjoy!   

Seth says
Was that because we moved to the #GCP ? 

Si says
Was what because of that? Nothing about search has anything to do .with the GCP. Natural Language Search is a built in feature of MySQL. I only brought it up today because
  1. You guys have been down talking search a lot lately, and yet not using it even though these new googlizing features have been there for months.
  2. I happened to convert the date format for the results to a nicer “time ago” format this morning, as part of the date fixing crusade, so I tweeted the above.

Si says
Now on the other hand, as part of our GCP package we have direct access to ALL of Googles products, including search, and even including Ok Google and even face recognition in images … but so far I have not delved into any of that. To busy working on proliferation. (and wishing you were working on baby more actively)  

Seth says
well it seems to work better now than the last time i tried it.   it does not matter to me what or who changed it.

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