Law of Attraction (LOA)

Let us see what this group attracts. This group is an inquiry group for what is out there in the Multiverse that can fructify humanity. It is neither for proseletizing nor fixed minds. It is an open-minded discussion of the tenants of those following the current memes of LOA. Please note that pointers to outside websites & youtubes without applicable personal anecdotes are boring. 

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Mark de LA says
how does one turn this into a header or sticky thought – will munge around to find out

Si says
nathan 2016-01-14 08:48:31 [item 19637#42002]
Same as you did before. Nothing has changed except the name and semantics as outlined in 19629.  
Mark 2016-01-14 08:52:49 [item 19637#42003]
The     stick this thought to the top of the group   is checked & it keeps slipping down the page. Working?
It was working. Maybe I broke it. Not sure. Will have to check.