Just Some thoughts:
  1. Using ctrl+ magnifies the screen content for MOST websites.  With fbi it just magnifies & there is no scroll bar for the page.
  2. the search tool still a bit confusing:  there is an image of a tag for tags , why not an image for Titles or just the word titles as happens in the group box when you search for titles.  It is just a toggle. 


Si says
nathan 2016-01-14 10:49:36 [item 19644#42034]
Look in the glyph set for something you prefer to represent titles. The word is too long and it says “title search” inside the box anyway.
Mark 2016-01-14 11:03:35 [item 19644#42036]
Yep there is a limited set of mnemonics there. 
Mark 2016-01-14 11:04:58 [item 19644#42037]
For my curiosity, what do we buy functionally or speed-wise by limiting ourselves the to the glyph set?
Looks like Seth is purchasing the pro package, so you can choose from all 800 now, not just the 250 that Bootstrap provides.

Mark de LA says
nathan 2016-01-14 11:11:46 [item 19644#42039]
Functionality: Still looks good at any size without pixelating and able to utilize font smoothing on computers that support it.

Speed: Much much faster loading. The whole font is not much bigger than a couple of normal icons.

Design: Don’t need a graphics artist around to make a new image, possibly in several sizes, every time we make a new feature or change an old one. This greatly speeds development and costs less, both for the programmer and the cost of an on retention graphic artist.

Appearance: Create’s a unified appearance site wide that is elegant and professional.
yes thanks for the info. About the only thingy besides limitations is the greyness – great for the color blind. I also liked our blue emoteys; new ones being hard to distinguish at their resolution.